Infosys Mysore Campus Accommodation & Facilities During Training


Those Infoscions who already got trained at the Infosys Mysore campus will call that place as “Heaven on Earth”, “A Paradise” etc. The reason for that is because of its magnificent infrastructure and its environment. Moreover this campus is so huge. Narayana Murthy once said “We are setting up the biggest corporate training facility in the world with 2,000 rooms which can house 4,000 people on a twin sharing basis. As we would be hiring roughly 12,000 people on an average, if we train 4,000 employees for four months, we should be able to turn around three batches in a year at this center“. Those who are still waiting for their call letter will be wondering about various things like accommodation details and other facilities during their stay at campus. So in this article, I’m going to write some details of Infosys Mysore accommodation and other facilities available at the campus.

infosys mysore campus
Infosys Mysore Campus GEC

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Infosys Mysore Campus

Room Allotment And Charges

The hostel rooms will be alloted to you on your first day of arrival. You will be given a special tour of the full campus on the first day. Boys will get single rooms and girls will get shared rooms (two in a room). The chances for girls getting single rooms is very very low. You are very lucky enough if you get so.

For boys, the charges of accommodation is INR 3750 per month. For girls, the charges of accommodation is INR 3000 per month, per person. Girls pay low just because of shared accommodation. The accommodation charges will be automatically deducted from your salary and you no need to pay anything extra on your own.

Please keep in mind that the rooms are alloted based on the availability. So don’t think of requesting room change which will not be encouraged. Also note that the accommodation will be provided only for the trainees and not for those people like parents or family members who accompany you.

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Facilities Available In Your Room

  • An Air Conditioner (Which you don’t use that much in that cool climate)
  • Western type bathroom with shower
  • Water heater
  • Table and study chair
  • Sofa
  • Bed and its covers
  • Pillow and its covers
  • Towel
  • 6 Hangers
  • Almirah with electronic locker
  • Water bottle
  • All out for Mosquitoes
  • LCD TV
  • Wall Clock
  • Basket for dirty clothes
  • doormat
  • Tea and coffee maker
  • A cup, glass, spoon
  • Table lamp
  • Quilt
  • Bathing Towel
  • Tea-Coffee Sachet with Sugar (daily 1 each)

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Stuffs That You Should Bring

  • At least 5 sets of Formal/Casual dresses for five working days. Even though you can wear casual T-shirt jean combo for attending training, bring both casual and formal dresses because sometimes they ask you to wear formals for some specific day.
  • Ties if its your habit of dressing. (not compulsory)
  • A pair of each Formal/Casual Shoes & socks.
  • Belts if necessary.
  • A good smartphone to keep yourself relaxed from that tight training and assessments.

Stuffs That You Should Not Bring

  • Laptops
  • Data storage devices like pendrives, CD, external hard disks etc.
  • Towels and bed sheets
  • Soaps and mugs

Stuffs That You May Or May Not Carry

The following are some of the things that you may or may not carry because even if you forgot to bring these stuffs, you can buy them from the large departmental store (supermarket) available inside the campus. Every things like daily use stuffs all are available in this store.

  • Nail cutters
  • Umbrella/Rain coats (very much-needed)
  • Facial products
  • Pen, pencil and other stationary stuffs

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Other Facilities

  • There are totally 4 to 6 ATM centers which you can find near important buildings like GEC (Global Education Centre), ECC (Employee Care Centre), food courts etc. Moreover, on the first day of your arrival, Infosys will help you open your salary accounts either in ICICI or Axis bank.
  • The ECC (Employee Care Centre), built on Spanish architectural design is the most important place for every trainee. It has every facilities like Laundromat, bank, Gym, Medical centre, table tennis, squash courts, bowling alley, badminton courts, swimming pool, meditation hall, climbing wall, jacuzzi etc.
  • Mysore campus has about some 2000 to 5000 cycles. There is at least one cycle stand before every buildings where you can find cycles which you can use to travel to various buildings inside the campus. Keep in mind that you need to wake up early to use the cycle facility. Otherwise, you will have to depend on your foot to walk all the way to training building.
  • You can find Laundromat facilities mostly near every hostels where you can wash and iron your clothes. You have to pay INR 50 per 8 KG for one cycle wash.
  • There are some 3 to 4 couriers services available inside the campus through which you can send and receive parcels to your home. It also costs a decent amount.
  • And there are four screen Multiplex in Mysore campus where movies are screened and other special events are organized during weekends.

Daily Routine Inside Infosys Mysore Campus

Watch This Video on “A day in the life of a Trainee – Infosys Mysore” by YoutTuber Pranav Thakur to get some idea on how your days will be inside Infosys Mysore campus:

So I think now you got some clear picture of Infosys Mysore Campus accommodation details, do and don’ts, and facilities provided inside the campus.

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