Tips To Prepare For Infosys Interview Process


If you are going to attend the interview process of Infosys, then you are at the right place to get some tips on how to crack the interview. Before going into this article, check out our last article on “Infosys Campus Recruitment Test Pattern and Syllabus [2016 – 2017]” to get some idea on the interview process, test pattern, syllabus and interview types of Infosys.

Infosys Process

As I already mentioned in my above attached previous article, the interview process of Infosys consists of three rounds:

  • Online Test
  • Technical HR
  • General HR

You need to concentrate separately and prepare for all these three rounds, then only you can attend the process and clear it confidently.

So let’s see how we can prepare for the first online test round.

Online Test Preparation Tips:

  1. First of all, understand the whole syllabus of this round.
  2. Don’t use some cheap local materials for preparations. Use only Standard books like Arun Sharma books for aptitude.
  3. Try to solve more number of puzzles from Shakuntala Devi and George Sammers books.
  4. Time management play a very important role in this round. So try to take as many mock tests before appearing for the process.
  5. Since there is no negative marks, try to answer all the questions.
  6. There is sectional cutoff for all the three sections. So don’t waste too much of your time on a single section itself.
  7. Practice… Practice… Practice… so that you can easily solve logical type of MCQs within that time limit.
  8. For some, verbal section will be tougher. So be strong in grammar and try to prepare CAT materials for vocabularies and other type of questions.
  9. Focus your preparation more on this round. Because without clearing this first round, you can’t get into the next. Moreover this round is the mass elimination round, so I hope you get what I mean.

Technical HR Preparation Tips:

  1. In order to clear this round, you should be strong in any one of the programming languages like C, C++, Java etc.
  2. Keep yourself updated with your GK and Current affairs knowledge.
  3. Try to focus on the basics of operating systems, SDLC, SQL queries, Cloud computing and any emerging technologies like Bigdata, IOT etc.
  4. Your area of interest will play a major role in this round and it’s very open that you will get questions from your areas of interest. So you should be very much stronger in your AOI.
  5. Try to choose your areas of interest in such a way that it is related to what the company is working on. For CSE and IT stream candidates, it’s not a big deal because their AOIs will be mostly related to IT industry. But for streams like ECE, EEE, Civil, Mech and all candidates will have area of interests like Digital image processing, Power electronics, Mechatronics etc. So the interviewer sometimes will not have knowledge on these kinda subjects and hence will be out of questions to ask or he will surf the google for questions. Moreover you answers will not fulfill the interviewer most of the time. So for other stream students, it is advised to pick AOIs which is related to what the company is working on. For example, ECE stream candidate can pick Computer Networks as his/her area of interest.
  6. Be clear when you explain your project idea. And also mention your role on your project if it is a team based one. It is advised to do team based projects. Because the IT company where you are going to work is full and full of teams focusing on their on projects. So highlighting your team player role in front of your interviewer is actually a plus for you and it’s also that they are looking for some kinda team player like you.

General HR Preparation Tips:

  1. Most probably, “Tell me about yourself” will be the first question asked in this round. So prepare what you are going to tell in advance. Also try to impress the HR in the first 2 minutes of the interview itself and for that your self-intro should be unique. Because the HR will be interviewing thousands and thousands of candidates like you and so the normal causal type of introduction will not impress him sometimes.
  2. If you are from a non-IT background, then this question “Why IT industry?” will surely gonna pop-up, so prepare ahead.
  3. Gain some knowledge about the company so that you can ask some questions about the company you are going to work and it also will impress the HR because it shows your interest in them. Check out “Narayana Murthy – The Real Infoscion” – the Co-Founder of Infosys.
  4. General questions like your hobbies, family background, your view on some current issues etc.
  5. Try to communicate in proper grammar English.
  6. And also be confident when you speak.
  7. Maintain Eye contact with the interviewer.

That’s all… Prepare well… All the best… Do well…

Also check our “Interview Hacks” for various ideas and tricks.

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