Infosys Launches MANA – A Knowledge Based Artificial Intelligence Platform


Infosys is one of the most prominent multinational information technology company. Infosys has already started working for companies with a large force for field engineers, major global telecommunications and as global food & beverage manufacturer.

MANA Platform

Over the last 35 years, Infosys has maintained, operated and managed systems with global clients across every industry. Building on this deep experience, Infosys has recognized the need to bring artificial intelligence to the enterprise in a meaningful and purposeful way,” Infosys CEO and Managing Director Vishal Sikka said at Infosys Confluence 2016. He also added that “The word Mana, from the Polynesian word for a pervasive spiritual force and used in many languages, is an excellent inspiration” he said.

Infosys launches artificial intelligence platform called ‘Mana’. Mana will help the clients to drive automation and innovation. It is the part of Aikido framework that focuses on design thinking and knowledge based IT. MANA influences the power of automation for repetitive tasks and lower cost of maintenance.

Ki: capturing the knowledge within legacy systems to renew, enable them to bring entirely new experiences

Ai: delivering open, intelligent platforms that bring transformation – new kinds of applications, precedented levels of data processing, a radical new cost performance

Dō: design-led services which bring a Design Thinking approach that starts with a deep understanding of a client’s business and IT objectives, its users and customers, to find their most critical problems.

Infosys Mana consists of three integrated component all of them are based on open source technology.

1. Infosys Information Platform – an open source data analytics platform that enables businesses to operationalize their data and reduce the engineer army that was required to operate the software.

2. Infosys Automation Platform – a platform that continuously learns routing logic, resolution processes and diagnosis logic to build a knowledge base that grows and adapts to changes in the underlying systems.

3. Infosys Knowledge Platform – a platform to capture, formalize and process knowledge and its representation in a powerful ontology based structure that allows for the reuse of knowledge as underlying systems change.

Infosys Mana help organizations succeed with enterprise-grade artificial intelligence by providing a platform that delivers on the following benefits:

  • Amplify the Potential
  • Agility from Disruption
  • Lower Cost of Change

Infosys believes that Mana can help thousands of engineers to get rid of repetitive software projects and build higher revenue. Surely, It will help to give a delightful experience to its end users too.

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