Vishal Sikka’s Words To Those Exiting Infosys Employees


As you all know Vishal Sikka is the current CEO of Infosys, the 2nd largest Indian IT company.  He joined Infosys in august month of 2014 by quitting his CTO position in SAP. Right from the day he joined Infosys, everything worked very well like a hike in the revenue, good market growth, new appraisal system etc. Till now he is doing his job very effectively for the growth of the company. Recently, one of his new ways of emailing his employees who is planning to quit Infosys for reconsidering their decision gained good popularity and appreciation in the market.

vishal sikka

Those employees who are exiting Infosys receive an automated email from Vishal Sikka for reconsidering their decision of leaving Infosys. The email says the following:

“Having contributed to our success this far, I think it’s only fair that you be offered another opportunity to rethink your decision to move on and be a part of the excitement that’s brewing. Should you want further clarity before you reconsider being part of the new adventure, do schedule a chat with your unit leadership. Undoubtedly, the best of Infosys is yet to come.”

He also says that he chose Infosys over SAP to make a difference and so he advises his employees to consider the same to make their final decision of leaving Infosys. “With your decision to leave Infosys, it’s evident that you’re unsure about being able to do your best work at Infosys…The reasons why then I chose to be an Infoscion are the same reasons I would like for you to consider today,” Sikka’s email says.

He also assures his employees that he will take this company to the next level and will stay competitive in the IT market. “Think about it — we are at the threshold of something truly amazing here — an evolution of everything around us from atoms and bits — creating exciting new avenues for people and businesses to engage more meaningfully and thrive. We have so many great ideas to renew ourselves and Infosys. These will get momentum, get stronger and come to life,” the email says.

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