5 Changes In Infosys Work Culture After Vishal Sikka’s Entry


When Infosys was in its transition phase, it needed a dynamic leader to lead it, someone like Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka, who exactly knows what changes he wanted and how they could be achieved. Just after a year in the company, he has brought drastic changes in India’s second largest software exporter that could make a shift from a “has been” to a “relevant” player in IT sector.

Vishal Sikka CEO

Sikka always wanted to make Infosys the IT bellwether of India. He brought quite good changes to the rule book of the company to enhance office work culture in order to make the company look like a new age, youthful, agile firm, much different from the typical Indian IT services firms.

Here is the list of some of the significant and enthusiastic changes he has introduced to the way Infosys will work hence forth:

  1. Employees can junk formal dress: Do you like wearing ties? Almost everyone hates wearing ties especially in summers. Giving a sigh of relief to his employees, the Infosys CEO told them that they can just stop wearing ties. Which means that, they can wear jeans, t-shirts or anything they wish to wear. The idea is to make them comfortable in the office so that they can concentrate more on their work.
  2. Extending maternity leave is now further simpler: Attention ladies, if you are an Infosys employee and you want to extend your maternity leaves. Just send an e-mail to your manager or boss, explaining the reasons why you won’t be able to join. There is no need of giving any embarrassing verbal explanations to your boss for leaves. According to the new amendment made by the Indian Government maternity leaves are extended to 26 weeks (6 months).
  3. Lengthy processes get simple: If you want to get a transfer to a different location due to some marriage, personal/family reasons, you need not go through any complex procedure and give long explanations to your superiors. The process of transfer has been simplified. The company has further institutionalized family events, such as carnivals for employees’ children, family gatherings etc.
  4. Improving employee engagement: Vishal Sikka has asked his employees to be part of the company’s decision-making procedure. It started motivating his employees to share their ideas and come up with their suggestions. Sikka came up with Murmuration, which aims at crowd-sourcing ideas from his employees. Over the period of two weeks, 26,000 employees shared more than 2,500 ideas. Employees voted on the very ideas that they felt were most relevant and advantageous, and ten ideas were shortlisted for implementation.
  5. Bridging communication gaps with his workers: Vishal Sikka started a trend to interact directly and frequently with his employees via blogs, through InfyRadio, and InfyTV. He gives quick replies to all the employees on Yammer, the enterprise communication platform of Infosys.

These effects are now visible through the work of employees’!!! The mood in Infosys campus is very much different from what Sikka had inherited last year. Infosys’ gradual reduction in membership has dropped to 14.2% (June quarter) from 23.4% in the same period previous year.

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Nevertheless, the company has renovated its traditional training programme and started motivating a new learning framework for the new entry-level employees as part of Vishal Sikka’s strategy to position the firm at a different level of excellence.

Infosys has also achieved a 5% rise in its profit of Rs 3,030 crore for the first quarter of FY16 ended June 30, 2015. The software company continued its full fiscal year sales outlook on large outsourcing deal wins from overseas clients as well as domestic clients.

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