Training @ Infosys Mysore | Frequently Asked Questions – 2 [2019]


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11.) Is accommodation provided only during training or even after training?

Accommodation is provided only during your training period at Infosys mysore campus. After training, you get posted at any development center where you have to take care of your own accommodation. For the first week alone, you get rooms inside the campus for staying. After that, you have to pay INR 750 per day.

12). What’s the charges for accommodation at Mysore campus?

For single room, its INR 3750 per month and for shared room, its INR 3000 per month. Boys get single rooms and girls get shared rooms during their training. I don’t know why it’s like this but this is what Infosys follows. Moreover, your accommodation charges are deducted from your salary.

13). Is there any chance that I can change my room near my friend’s room?

No, you cannot get rooms as per your wish. Rooms are allocated based on availability.

14). Do they provide accommodation to my friends and parents accompanying me?

No, Accommodation is provided only for the trainee. Maybe your friends and parents can stay in the hotel rooms available at the entrance of the campus.

15). Is family members allowed during check-in?

Yes, 2 family members or friends are allowed on the date of joining till the Fiesta food court – 7. But they are not allowed to enter the hostel rooms provided for you.

16). What’s the procedure for postponing my Date of joining?

Send a mail to [email protected] with a request of extension of your date of joining. Proper reasons should be there for availing extensions and evidence for that should also be attached with that mail. For example if your brother or sister is getting married, you need to attach the wedding invitation as proof/evidence along with that mail. Then they will consider your mail and will reply to you whether they are extending your DOJ or not. Please note that the extension is not entertained for personal reasons.

17). What will be my location of posting after the training period?

Your posting location will be based on the business requirements of the company. It could be any one of the 12 DCs of Infosys. Note that during the start of training, you are asked for any three of your posting location preferences. So sometimes you get posted in any of those three DCs that you opted. Also if you perform really good enough during your training assessments, then you can demand and easily get your choice of DC.

18). What about the food during our stay at mysore?

There are so many food courts available inside the campus and you need to pay for everything. There are totally 17 caterers and the food service is provided on all days, even holidays too. All type of north and south indian foods are available.

19). What about the transport facilities?

As you will be staying inside the campus, you don’t need anything much because the training centers and the hostel rooms are somewhat nearby. Moreover, there are lots of bicycles available inside the campus for your transport from your hostel to training centers. Note that you need to get early if you need bicycles because “Early bird catches the worm”. However, in case of personal use for travelling to city, you have to use the public transports and autos which will be available in front of our campus.

20). What about the bank facilities inside the campus?

On the day of your joining, we will create you a new bank account for your salary crediting. You can open your account in ICICI or Axis bank as per your wish. Accordingly there are enough number of ATM centers of these banks inside the campus. If you open your account in ICICI means, then you can use the debit card of your account for both ATM purpose and for paying your food expenses inside the campus. But that’s not the same case with Axis bank account.

FAQs : Part-1 | Part-3

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