Training @ Infosys Mysore | Frequently Asked Questions – 3 [2016]


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FAQs : Part-1 | Part-2

21). Should I bring any warm clothes because of mysore weather conditions?

Mysore has winter in the months of November, December and January. So plan your clothing accordingly. Moreover, you will be provided with quilts, bed sheets and pillow covers.

22). What about the dress code to follow?

You can wear causal collared t-shirt and jean/pant during your training. You can even opt for formals if its your want. Also bring some formal along with you because sometimes you are required to wear formal dresses.

23). Can I wear slippers during training?

No, you can’t. You should wear shoes (casual/formals). Sneakers look good for that t-shirt jean dress code.

24). When will I receive my accommodation details mail?

Accommodation details mail will be sent to you one week before your date of joining. The time period may vary but you will receive it before your joining date.

25). Am I allowed to stay outside the campus during my training period?

Please note that it is mandatory for every trainee to stay inside the campus during their training period.

26). Is it okay to carry my camera along with me?

Yes, you can bring your cameras if you want.

27). What about the laundry things?

Yes, laundromats are available near the hostel where you can wash and iron your clothes. You have to pay INR 50 per cycle for 8 KG of your clothes.

28). In the accommodation details mail sent by infosys, I was asked to bring my own umbrellas and rain coats with me. why is it so?

That’s because of the climate conditions of Mysore. Sometimes there will be heavy down pour of rain. So it’s for you own goodness to carry rain coats and umbrellas along with you.

29). What are the things that I need to study before coming to mysore campus for training?

In Infosys, every trainee is trained well from the scratch. Moreover the assignments and the course materials are good enough to train you effectively. So it’s not required to learn anything priory. But you can if you want. Try to get usage experience of Eclipse IDE because you will be using Eclipse mostly. Also learn the basics of SQL and python.

30). I’m from a non-IT background and can I clear the training assessments in firs attempt?

As I already mentioned, you will be trained from the scratch. So if you follow everything correctly and put some little extra effort, you can come out with flying colors.

FAQs : Part-1 | Part-2

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