Training @ Infosys Mysore | Frequently Asked Questions – 1 [2016]


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1). Is it mandatory to have passport during our training period at Mysore?

Yes, passport is must on the date of joining. You have to submit a copy of your passport along with your service agreement and other docs. In case if you don’t have passport, then a background check will be initiated on that joining day and you need to pay for that.

2). Can I bring my laptop along with me?

No, you can’t bring in your laptop inside the campus. Even if you bring (without knowing), your laptop will be taken from you and kept in the safety lock room at the entrance. You can take that when you go for home.

3). Can I bring my mobile-phones and tablets along with me?

Yes, you can bring them inside the campus.

4). Is it okay to bring my pendrive or hard disk inside the campus?

No, you cannot bring in any kind of storage devices like pendrive, hard disks inside the campus. They are strictly prohibited.

5). Is free Wi-Fi available inside the campus during training period?

No, trainees don’t get free Wi-Fi. You have to take care of those things on your own money.

6). Is it okay to bring my own vehicle to the campus?

Yes, you can bring in your own vehicles if you wish so. And you can even park them in the parking space available near your hostels. Helmets are compulsory if you are bringing in your bike.

7). Should I need to bring in my own iron box for ironing my clothes?

No, you no need to bring those and all. Because laundry facilities are available inside the campus itself.

8). Should I carry immersion coil/rod for water heating?

No, you are not allowed to bring in those rods. Because your rooms are facilitated with water heaters.

9). Can I carry my own reference books for training?

It’s your wish to bring your own books for training program. During the training, the trainers will teach you everything from the scratch and will also provide study materials. More over, you will have access to library where you can borrow any books for your training. So I think you it’s not needed for you to carry those extra books.

10). Is there any shops available nearby to purchase anything that I need?

Yes, there is a departmental store available inside the campus where you get everything from A to Z.

FAQs : Part-2 | Part-3

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