Exquisite Clicks Of Infosys Mysore Campus [2016]


Infosys Mysore Campus is the Asia’s largest campus for training the employees. This campus got its name because of its excellent exquisite infrastructure and effective training too. Every engineering students dream is to get placed at Infosys for getting trained at this heaven. Though the training & assessment here is somewhat tougher than other service based companies, the natural lovely environment of this campus makes it worth for every Infoscion’s struggle.

In this article, I’m going to take you through some exquisite views of the Infosys Mysore campus which are as follows:

1. The interior view of Global Education Center 2 (GEC 2) during a drizzling evening.

Interior view of GEC 2

2. Narayana Murthy center of excellence stone carved board near the global education center 2.

Narayana Murthy Center of Excellence

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3. Bowling alley filled with dark blue neon lights.

Bowling alley neon lights

4. The view of blurred goal post of Mysore campus football ground.

Infosys Football Ground

5. The Uniform pillars of the Recreation Center.

Infosys Recreation center

6. Cool view of Mysore campus swimming pool.

Infosys Swimming Pool

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7. Amphi Theatre filled with pin drop silence. It will not be the same during the dusk.

Infosys Amphi theatre

8. A distant side view of Global Education Center – 2.

Narayan Murthy Global Education Center - 2

9. Buildings surrounded with park like environment.

Buildings with parks

10. Our national bird Peacock visits our Mysore DC and brings some romantic weather.

Peacock at Mysore DC

These are some exquisite eyes pleasing clicks at Infosys Mysore campus. I dedicate this for those Infoscions out there who are waiting for their date of joining mail from Infosys. Infoscions (waiting for DOJ) don’t lose hope, sooner or later you will receive your call letter… Develop your expectations as much as you like and I bet that our training campus will never fail to wonder us.

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