10 Reasons To Join Infosys


The IT sector is growing rapidly in the coming days. In this IT services you will find Infosys as the second largest Indian company by the revenue of 2016. The company can do well when its employ are happy with the job and the facility avail by them in the company. It is an Indian company which will grab your attention to work here. Following are the 10 reasons why to work in Infosys.

Infosys 10 Reasons

1. Opportunity To Work With New Technologies

If you rise earlier, you can win the game. In the same philosophy, Infosys also works on. It always focuses on the new upcoming technologies so that while working in Infosys you will be in abreast of new technologies. The new edge of technology also helps the clients in the working area. Infosys employ the new technologies as soon as it is available in the market.

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2. Training by Harvard

Here at Infosys, there are various types of people. There might be employee who are well experienced and also the career starter fresher too. In this organization, you are getting a chance to be trained by Harvard mentors. They will also help you for learning the management skills as well. This shows that learning process at Infosys is continuous in nature.

3. To Develop Entrepreneurial Attitude

In this organization, you will get opportunities to think like an entrepreneur. This will provide you troubleshooting attitude and help you find solutions to every problems. Every employee is trained as an entrepreneur. You get chance to excel in your area.

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4. Reunions

In our life, friends always have a special space in our heart. As we know in such busy schedules, people usually don’t find time for activities like this. But in this organization, you will get the chance to go for your college reunions to meet up with your buddies.

5. Fun At Work

Happiness is having fun at the work place. In this company, you will find multiplex theatres where you can enjoy your movie with your colleagues. If you are fond of books then, 23 libraries are waiting for you. Apart from this you will find 3 bowling alleys, 23 gyms, 16 shopping centers, 11 swimming pool, 8 cricket pitches and 36 food courts. What else you want apart from this?

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6. Corporate Social Responsibility

Feeling of giving the things to the needy is the most satisfied job in the world. In this organization, you will get the chance to do things for other also. We can say that here Infosys is really doing good work apart from the professional work. You can take the responsibility depending upon your own will.

7. No Discrimination

Every individual on this earth are unique and different. Talent differs from person to person. Infosys welcomes people from different interests, geographical area, positions, beliefs, knowledge, sex and nationalities also. This shows that you will get a chance to work with different intelligent people in this workplace.

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8. You Can Make History

If you think you have the potential of doing some extra work apart from your actual job, then you must go for Infosys. Here at Infosys, they strive hard with every project to make history so that they will not only influence the shape of the industries but also the shape of our nation.

9. You Can Make Work Interesting

To work with the same thing again and again brings monotony that will cause decrease in the growth. Infosys Global Hackathon is a platform where you can experiment your new ideas, fun projects etc. and moreover you can also engage with other Infoscions from all over the world who will be working in different areas. These things will really make you growing and you will also find fun in working with this.

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10. Don’t Wait For Weekend

In all of our life, hobby is an integral part. In the working days, you don’t need to see calendar for the weekend. Infosys have nearly 100 hobby clubs where you can live your hobby. You can develop your skills as well. So for this thing you need not wait for weekend, you can catch it anytime you want.

Hope you will find it interesting to work in Infosys !!!

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