Ultimate Documents Checklist For Training At Infosys Mysore Campus


One of the biggest renowned IT company, INFOSYS has built its own training campus situated in Mysore commonly known as ‘heaven on earth’, ‘paradise’. When it comes to their infrastructure and other things, it’s on top and talking about their training its strict as well as perfect and if you are worrying about the things that you need to carry when you are joining, don’t panic because we will help you out with your documents required during your training, so you just need to create your checklist for your documents which we will mention in this article so that it will be easier for you to remember.

Infosys Documents

Infosys Training Documents Checklist

  1. First most important document is your entire Offer letter from Infosys and the Letter of intent to hire. Make sure the bar code on the offer letter is printed clearly.
  2. Second is to bring your identity proof which is your Passport and Driving license. Make sure that you take your passport as it is mandatory and the second one is optional. If you don’t have passport then you need to go through some background check and the details will be given to you once you join Infosys Mysore for training.
  3. Third and one of the prominent thing is to take your result-sheets which includes your 10th, 12th and all semesters original mark sheets and two or three photocopies of the same.
  4. Another document you need to take with yourself is the print-out of Joining Details and Accommodation Letter. Make sure you know your registration number mentioned in your accommodation letter and take the print out of the same.
  5. One of the most important documents is your NSR card or the IT-PIN number. If you have not applied yet, don’t worry because you can even apply them from the campus after joining.
  6. Now comes your degree certificate which is also an essential document and if you haven’t received it you can take you provisional degree certificate received from your university.
  7. If you want your salary then you must take your PAN card as it is an important document for the same.
  8. You need to take a Notary Service Agreement and the company will explain you the whole process regarding the same.
  9. You are also suggested to bring your medical test certificate as it is a mandatory document.
  10. 20 to 30 passport size photos.

These are the important documents which you require when you enter Infosys Mysore campus for training. Without any of these, you are not allowed to join the training. i.e. maybe your joining date will be extended to next batch. So you better check your documents thrice before leaving your home.

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Other than those above documents, here are some other things that you need to carry with you to ease your process:

  • Upload all your scanned documents, certificates, photos etc in any cloud storage services like Google drive, Dropbox, One drive etc. because sometimes it may help you.
  • If you have stamp size photo then scan it and keep it in you mail so that you can avoid taking photo for ID card.
  • One or two good ball point pens.
  • Some A4 sheets.
  • Enough xerox copies of all your documents.

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For proof of identity, you may chose any one of the following documents:

  • Driving License
  • PAN card with Photo
  • Voter ID
  • Passport
  • Aadhar card
  • Original mark sheet from university with photo
  • You can also get your photograph attested by your college authorities like principal, department HODs etc. on the college letterhead or you can even get it attested by a gazette officer.

I hope that this ultimate documents checklist will help you save some of your time when you enter the Infosys Mysore campus for training.

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