All You Need To Know About Infosys Work From Home Policy


The work culture in an IT profession is very much important comparing with other fields. We can find work from home culture in IT companies very often and that is because of the type of work in the IT industry. This work from home culture adds some flexibility to the lives of employees. In this article, I’m going to take you through the work from home policy in Infosys.

Work from Home

Here at Infosys, an employee can avail at most 4 days per month for working from home. But later when Vishal Sikka became the CEO of Infosys, he made some changes to this work from home policy by adding some extra 5 days per month and that makes a total of 9 days in a month. So that means, now an Infosys employee can work from home for 9 days in a month.

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To be noted that the working mothers with infant children can easily get the work from home approval when comparing to other normal employees. The type of designation you hold also plays a major role for you to opt for work from home policy.

If you are willing to work from home then there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill to be eligible for work from home policy and they are as follows:

  • You should have the Company Laptop
  • Access to corporate email
  • Chat (Lync 2013/MS Office Communicator)
  • Access to corporate intranet and LAN

The access to the corporate email, intranet, LAN is possible only if you get Remote Connectivity Token issued by your manager.

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Even after getting approved from your manager, you need to get client approval. For getting client approval, the following points need to be fulfilled:

  • First of all the client should agree.
  • The client you work for should have any VPN website or Citrix login which allows you to login from anywhere.
  • The tools that you use to work should be legal, licensed or open source.
  • Last but not least, Data security and Intellectual rights of both Infosys and client need to be fulfilled.

So these are all the things that you need to get it done to be eligible for work from home.

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Type of work that can be done from home

  1. Content creation kind of works which involves making of presentations, proposals, designing docs etc.
  2. You can even do coding and testing.
  3. Batch monitoring
  4. System analysis and lot more.

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Type of work that you cannot do from home

  1. Leading a team.
  2. Any work requiring a lot of team collaboration.
  3. Working with any sensitive client data (banking sector clients).
  4. Getting any type of work done from your team members.

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