Foods To Help You Sleep Better


Life is very enjoyable when you have good health. In this growing competitive era, many people are facing the problem of not sleeping well. Some are even taking medicines to get good sleep. This may sometimes cause bad effect on their health. Good sleep is always a must if you want to start your day fresh and active. Let’s find some solution for this problem of improper sleep.

Sleep Foods

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The main factor affecting your good sleep is your diet. The foods that you eat decide your sleep in the night. So by controlling your diet, you can indirectly shape your sleep timing and routine. Following are some foods which will help you to get some good sleep in your bed:

1. Egg

Adding some good protein content in one’ diet helps them to get deep sleep at night. So before going to the bed, one can have egg in their diet plan which will help them get some deep sleep and will also take away your tension along with anxiety.


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2. Cereal

Cereals are rich in protein content which will provide you both the advantage of sleep as well as good source of protein for your health.


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3. Broccoli

The journal of clinical sleep medicine states that the food rich in fiber content provides you the advantage of sleeping well at night. Broccoli is rich source of fiber. It is beneficial to have once in a day in your diet plan. Researchers found that it is always safe to have fiber content food instead of fat content food.


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4. Dairy Products

Diary products like yogurt and milk contain tryptophan. Tryptophan is sleep providing amino acid in our body. It acts as a stress reduction. So, dairy products will enhance your deep sleep.


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5. Banana

A banana before going to bed will give you good sleep at night. It will also relax your muscles. The banana-Milk combo is even better diet.


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6. Tea

You will be wondering how Tea will help you get good sleep. As we already know that avoiding caffeine is good for health but there are some exceptions to this. Chamomile tea is very helpful for inducing sleep. Green tea is one of the best example to promote sleep.



7. Cherry Juice

A glass of cherry juice is a best option to promote sleep. Because this cherry juice helps in increasing the melatonin levels of your body. This melatonin controls the sleep-wake cycle of our body.


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8. Walnut

Walnut contains tryptophan sleep enhancing amino acid that helps in making serotonin and melatonin which in turn controls your sleep cycle.


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9. Almond

Almond is rich in minerals. It will provide you quality sleep. In the study of orthomolecular medicine, it is found that almond will help you to catch good sleep.


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10. Lettuce

Lettuce contains a substance called Lactur Carium which helps in inducing sleep by sedating your nervous system. So it’s good to add this in your diet.


I hope that this list of food items help you get some good deep sleep. Try to add these healthy food items in your diet chart and see the results yourselves.

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