Top 5 Best Android Apps For Fitness Freaks


Keeping fit requires a lot of human efforts. People need to constantly struggle to keep themselves fit. But for all those netizens who cannot afford to miss even a single minute on something else other than being online, it certainly gets difficult for them to make up a plan to stay fit as they usually do not follow it. Does that mean that they should not aspire to be fit or compromise with their fitness??? The answer is no as their smartphones can help them to stay fit. They can install apps mentioned below and fulfill their dreams of staying fit.

fitness apps


Fitbit is an app that can help you lead a healthy and active life by tracking your all day activity, sleep, workouts etc. You can use the app to find out about your basic activity and runs on your phone. You can also connect with Fitbits many activity trackers or the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale and get a report of your health. There are many things that this app can keep a record of like it can record your steps and distance while you have your phone with you. You can increase and track your runs, walks and hikes by using Mobile run. It tracks your distance, pace and time. It can also use your phone’s GPS to map your routes. There are many other features as well like you can log calories into the app with the help of a bar code scanner, calorie estimator and then keep a check on your nutritional intake. In short this app contains a lot of unique features which proves to be a boon for health freaks.

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This app helps you to workout anywhere and at any time. It was designed by Chris Jordan, Director of Exercise Physiology at Johnson and Johnson. This app gives you a feeling of having a personal trainer at your disposal who guides you on proper form and motivation. There are seventy-two exercises and twenty-two additional workouts which can be modified to make thousands of variations. You can watch the trainer and learn the drill or you can swap it or stick to the original workout and learn from Chris Jordan. He will teach you new movements and guide you to do it correctly. You can also share your workout snapchats and log your workouts to track your progress.


This app lets you record your workout activities on your smartphone and also helps you create a custom workout plan according to your needs. It contains more than thirteen hundred exercises. These come with detailed instructions and illustrations which lies in the comfort zone of regular gym goers and body builders.


This app helps you log everything. You can track six hundred types of workouts. Your fitness gears like athletic shoes can also be tracked. You can record GPS based workouts along with custom voice feedback. You can also share your data with different fitness apps with the help of this app.


This app lets you keep a track of how much you ran in a given period of time. Using GPS it determines the distance you walked to calculate the number of calories you burned.

The best thing about these apps is that they go wherever you go, i.e., they can travel with you and so keep an eye on your fitness.

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