Follow This New Approach To Weight Loss – Safe & Fast


Weight loss, a dream for so many around us, because they think the journey is the challenging one to shootout. But if I say that it’s damn easy, will you hear me for few minutes.

Yes, of course it’s the easiest task if you choose the right option for your target.

And I am not talking about size zero. My point is healthy and fit. Let us join hands with healthy life to opt beauty.

Healthy life takes you to the world “what you want”. As I say it’s healthy, healthy. Then the journey should also be healthy one right? But shockingly there are so many other methods which are increasing to help you with weight loss. But I have a question that, why waste money and health for such an easy task in our hand !!!

Forget it all !!! We will only focus on the natural way, which will bless you with beautiful life.

Weight AbbLET’S DO IT!!!


  • The main candy you should take daily to lose weight is confidence.
  • Every second in our life moves with a hope given by this candy. “Warning” (if you withdraw it then, everything will only be a dream).
  • You should be regular in your plan. It’s Ok if there is some break in between. You can have few failure days but don’t make every day the failure one.



  • Everyone wants to be skinny. But let me tell you the fact that being so thin is a dangerous one.
  • We should maintain a normal weight to lead a healthy life, so that we should only focus on how many pounds is safe for your body and for you.
  • To help you with that here is BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation.
  • Whenever, wherever, whoever wants to lose your pounds. The first stage is to calculate you BMI and then proceed according to your range that is how many pounds you should lose to attain the normal body weight.


If we adopt these babies then our job is going to be the perfect.

weight loss twins


  • As I said in BMI you should find your BMI and Fix the amount of weight you want to lose for your body.
  • Then there is an important calculation that is BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate). It’s nothing but the calories burned by your body organ’s functions.
  • This BMR will help you with the calculated amount of calories to burn and consume by you with your activity level.
  • The safer way to lose weight is 1 or 2 pounds (½ kg or 1 kg) in a week. If you want to lose more weight and have done with (more calories burned and fewer calories intake in a day). I am sorry you will put on weight quickly.
  • Please Intake and burn calories found by BMR. But we have a question how?
  • How to burn more calories??? How to intake non-fat calories???

BURN CALORIES – Jogging, walking, swimming, outdoor games, HIIT, yoga, weight training, jumping rope, hiking, riding etc.

INTAKE CALORIES – Vegetables, fruits, proteins, non-carbohydrates, (measure calories and intake calories accordingly).

Choose the best to make it easier!!!

Finish what you started…!!!   Decide → Commit → Succeed

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