Top 5 Healthy Summer Drinks


Due to global warming and other environmental factors, the temperature on earth’s surface has increased remarkably.¬†Escaping the summer heat is inevitable. This has created an obstacle to perform our regular chores and lead to poorer work efficiency. The atmosphere in summer season has its impact even on our hydration levels. But you can be saved from this situation with the help of few natural drinks. Most of them can be prepared by yourselves at home.

healthy drinks

The following are some of the natural health drinks that you can consume to keep yourself energized during the hot days of summer:

1. Butter milk

Butter milk has vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin B-12. It is rich in calcium and riboflavin. Apart from these, butter milk helps in cooling the bodily heat. Thus it’s a great relief in summer.

2. Coconut water

The natural diuretic property of coconut water, helps in proper functioning of our urinary system. It does good for the digestion process also. Easy availability is an additional advantage. Also it’s cheap enough to buy at any time. So go for it more often.

3. Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice energizes our body due to the presence of sugars in it. It also contains vitamin B-3, organic acids and rich in antioxidants. This summer, try having this juice in different flavors.

4. Fruits and vegetables juices

All fruits and vegetables juices prepared at home can be considered as a boon in summer season. But do remember that it should be home-made and free from any kind of preservatives. Therefore avoid purchasing canned fruit juice.

5. Ragi malt

Ragi malt is a very good source of fibres and calcium. It lowers cholesterol levels in blood and improves the immunity power in us. Though it’s not very popular, many doctors suggest it as an alternative health drink in summer.

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Similarly Badam milk is preferable drink in the summer. Important thing to be noted here is, we should avoid aerated drinks and canned fruit juices as they contain excess sugar levels, phosphoric acid, caffeine and many more. They certainly cause osteoporosis, anemia, obesity and cancer also. Henceforth, beat up this summer heat with the above healthy drinks!!!

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