Symptoms of High Cholesterol and Some Preventative Measures


Feeling dizzy and having the urge constantly to throw up? According to most medical experts, you experience such symptoms when you have high cholesterol. Mostly, we hear our mothers complaining about high cholesterol and still having oil-filled food. Hold up! Not only do older people get cholesterol, but many young people do too. 

The Centers for Disease Control reported: “Over 93 billion people in the US region deal with cholesterol issues after they turn 20.”  

Shocking, isn’t it? What is supposed to be the peak of your youth is when your health goes down the drain. Customing yourself to bad cholesterol and taking measures is crucial.

Symptoms of High Cholesterol and Some Preventative Measures

We are sharing some symptoms of high cholesterol and preventative measures; here they are: 

What is Bad Cholesterol? 

Do you think you can eat oily food for years and get away with it? They say: “No matter how sneaky you are with your body, it knows when to throw your deeds back at you”. Bad cholesterol is like karma that will bite you. All the oily food gets stored in your arteries and clogs them up.  

It’s hard for the blood to flow through the arteries due to the fat. In worst cases, they might snap, causing blood clots and a stroke in the long run. We will discuss some indications that your body might give for bad cholesterol below. 

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Symptoms of High Cholesterol: 

There are a few symptoms of high cholesterol that you might ignore thinking you are having a bad day. Here are a few symptoms to watch out for:

  • Nausea 

Your body has a few coping mechanisms to symbolize you are dealing with health issues such as nausea. Dealing with high cholesterol starts with feeling uneasy. When matters get out of hand, you start to throw up. You will not be able to keep your food down because your body’s unable to accumulate fat further. 

  • Dizziness and Headache 

Many people confuse dizziness and headache with migraine. However, some symptoms of bad cholesterol are dizziness, headache, and head spinning. If you are well-rested and still experience these symptoms, it’s probably bad cholesterol. 

  • Shortness of Breath and Numbness 

Shortness of breath is expected to be experienced when you are doing complex activities. However, there is no point in feeling that way if you sit idle. Do you feel or hand go numb often? These two symptoms indicate bad cholesterol. 

  • Pain in the Left Arm 

Certain areas in your body indicate heart issues or bad cholesterol. If you constantly experience fatigue and pain in the left arm, neck, jaw, or back, you certainly have bad cholesterol. The pain can also be due to heavy workouts, but it is better to get it checked. 

Some Preventative Measures for Bad Cholesterol 

1. Ditch Oily Food 

Excessive oil intake causes bad cholesterol, and it should be the first thing to leave your diet. If you use three tablespoons of oil to make food, cut it down to one tablespoon.

Ditching the regular vegetable oil and replacing it with healthy alternatives is better. Oils for better heart health are as follows: 

  • Olive oil 
  • Coconut oil 
  • Sesame seed oil 
  • Flaxseed oil 
  • Avocado oil 

2. Turmeric 

Turmeric benefits regarding heart health are numerous, and it has many healing properties. Whether it is an open wound or an internal health condition, turmeric can heal it. Add turmeric to your recipes to enhance flavor and prevent cholesterol from growing within your body. 

Turmeric and cholesterol don’t go hand-in-hand; many studies indicate their benefits. You can also use turmeric in its raw form daily in your smoothies. Some turmeric recipes include; turmeric ginger ale, Thai curry, turmeric milk, etc. 

3. Shed Weight 

Keeping yourself fit and healthy helps beat maximum health issues. When you see a fat person, you automatically think they are dealing with health issues. However, that’s not true in most cases, but overweight people have the cholesterol issue.

Try eating healthy food with less oil and insoluble fats. Keeping yourself active and working out regularly allows you to combat cholesterol faster. You don’t have to indulge in heavy workouts; a simple run in the park or walking for 30-minutes can do wonders.  

4. Eats Lots of Fibre 

When the food you are eating does not get digested, it accumulates within your body as fat. Every person needs to have a healthy body fat percentage. If your body fat percentage exceeds the average, it becomes unhealthy weight accumulation.

Hence, you need to eat lots of fiber for better digestion and gut health. Fiber creates a thin lining within your digestive system, enabling faster absorption of food. You feel utterly blissful when your gut is healthy, don’t you? 

5. Build a Healthy Sleeping Habit

You must be thinking about what sleep has to do with cholesterol. Well, everything within our bodies is interconnected with one another. Sleep helps develop energy within our bodies that we don’t feel otherwise.

When you have a no sleep day, you rely on carbs like pasta and caffeine for energy. Getting energy from excessive eating can cause bad cholesterol to accumulate in the long run. You will see a considerable change in your health when you sleep better. 

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Our Thoughts! 

Whether you have cholesterol, leading a healthy lifestyle is crucial for personal and worldly success. Sometimes, our genetics trap us and get medical conditions we didn’t ask for.

You can take early preventative measures to keep bad cholesterol at bay in such cases. Don’t just eat, sleep and repeat; instead, eat healthy, stay active, sleep well, and repeat! 


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