How To Lose Weight Without Working Out And Dieting


The hectic schedule that people follow in today’s world leaves them with no time to keep a check on their health or work out, thus, affecting their body adversely.

People are ditching their exercise classes like Crossfit because some of the most common CrossFit injuries are back and knee pain, which would only put you in worse shape. But burning off calories without sweating it out in an aerobics class or gym has become simple now. Bringing a small change in your lifestyle and diet can help you burn calories without a particular exercise regime. But burning off calories without sweating it out in an aerobics class or gym has become simple now. Bringing a small change in your lifestyle and diet can help you burn calories without a particular exercise regime.

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An Eye on the Calories

Being aware of the number of calories you consume can help you to keep a tab on it. After calculating your total calorie intake you can cut down on the number keeping into consideration the amount of weight you want to reduce. Cutting down 500-750 calories help you to lose about 1-2 pounds weekly.

A minimum of 1200 calories should be consumed daily otherwise your body may suffer from nutrient deficiency. Plan your meal according to the calorie range you have determined for yourself.

Balanced Diet

Following a diet that is within your calorie range and includes all the necessary nutrients makes your diet balanced and helps you lose weight. The intake of fruits and vegetables should be planned out as they are a great source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-oxidants. Lean protein rich foods like eggs, legumes, dairy products should be included in the diet. The intake of whole grains should not be more than half cup. Appropriate cooking techniques that curb the use of oil and butter should be used. Steaming, grilling, roasting can be tried.

The Extras

Eight glasses of liquid should be consumed each day without fail. Alcohol and sugary beverages should be avoided as they contain a lot of calories. Skipping of meals should be avoided and a healthy diet chart should be adhered to. Activities like walking while talking on the phone, cleaning the house, dancing, using stairs instead of lift all add onto your efforts to burn your calories. Consuming green tea is also very healthy as it contains a chemical which stops the fat cells from growing. Researches have shown that almonds help on reducing belly fat while peanuts can play a role in increasing vascular strength.

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You should also follow a particular sleeping pattern. Sleeping early in the night helps you avoid late-night snacking. Lack of complete sleep has adverse effects on your hunger. A minimum of 7 hours sleep is necessary for the body to keep healthy.

Some Other Rules to keep Healthy

Your posture should always be straight as it plays a role in toning your stomach muscles. The food we eat should always be chewed slowly and properly. When the food is chewed properly your speed for eating food decreases which in turn reduces the intake of your food. Also consuming food from smaller plates lowers your consumption of the food. While having food electronic distractions should be avoided as this usually leads to overeating.

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Monitoring and Enjoying the Progress

Keeping a check on your weight is also very important so that you can know whether you are able to lose weight through your diet plan. A weekly check can be kept on the weight to track your progress.

You should also try to find support in your family, friends and relatives as it will help you to stay motivated. Try to reward yourself as you inch closer to your goals. This will keep your morale boosted and give the strength to continue with your plans.

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