Calories In Vs Calories Out – The Key To Weight Loss


In my last article on Weight LossI shared my new approach to weight loss with you guys. If you haven’t read that, first check that out and then read this one. In this article, I’m going to share with you guys about the Calorie Management with which you can have total control over your shape of the body. The art of calorie management lies in a number of calories that you consume and then burning it wisely.

calorie noun

Consume & Burn Calories


BMI (Body Mass Index)

What’s that means? Do you want to lose weight? Then you should know how much you should lose? Am I right? But so many say that we should lose this much that much, where it’s not an accurate one. Basically, the certain height of the body can hold a certain amount of weight. If this fits correctly then you are in normal weight, if you are little more than normal then its overweight, if it’s more than overweight it’s obese, shockingly if it’s more than obese then it’s extreme obese which is more dangerous.

The below picture will help you to find your BMI. If you know your height in inches and weight in lbs (pounds)


Just check it out

  • Have you found your BMI???
  • Ok, shall we lose weight? How?
  • As the basic formula is (burn calories and consume calories)
  • Do you know how much to burn and consume calories?
  • We should find out using a simple calculation called BMR.

BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate)

BMR calculation gives you a number of calories burned by your body like heart pumping, digestion, breathing etc, without any action by your own. There are so many simple ways available to calculate in just in seconds. But I suggest you calculate on your own because it will motivate you more to lose weight physiologically. So shall we start? The basic information to know to calculate is

  1. Height in inches
  2. Weight in lbs (pounds)
  3. Gender
  4. Age

For women —> 655+ (4.35*weight in lbs) + (4.7*height in inches) – (4.7*ages in years)

For men       —> 66+ (6.25*weight in lbs) + (12.7*height in inches) – (6.8*age in years)

= your BMR

Remember this !!!

  • If you consume your food according to the BMR you found. Then you can maintain your weight.
  • If you consume less according to the BMR found. You can lose your weight
  • If you consume more according to the BMR found. You can gain weight. (Only for weight gainers)

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We have found everything but what’s this activity level. This may be the question from you. The people who don’t want to exercise can choose the BMR calculation to lose weight only to focus on your diet plan. But the people who prefer both exercise and diet should calculate with your activity level for your consumption because as you burn more calories than your body (by natural process) you should get some stamina and it should be a healthy weight loss. It’s important that people who exercise must do this calculation and follow your calories as given in the calculation below:

Its simple calculation (Finding your activity level):

No exercise = 1.2

Moderate: 1-3 days/week = 1.375

Active: 5 days/week = 1.55

More active: 6 – 7 days/week = 1.725

Extra active = 1.9 (it’s too difficult to be)

Now !!!

BMR * Your activity level = _____

calorie management


We have found that from the beginning of the article to till now, how much to consume calories to lose or maintain your weight. But we should also know how much to burn for your body to attain your goal. The one who wants to maintain his/her weight doesn’t need to follow this sincerely.

This also brings you a simple calculation. Don’t worry its simple with few steps to find. Let’s shootout !!!

Do you know this !!!

1 pound = ½ kg

2 pounds = 1 kg


1 pound = 3500 calories

1 kg = 7000 calories

The Calculation is:

The amount of weight you want to lose in lbs (pounds) * 3500 cal = A (your answer)

A number of calories you should burn in 8 weeks (you can choose any amount of weeks which you have targeted) = A/ 8 = B (your answer)

A number of calories to burn per week = B/7 = C (your answer)

C = a number of calories to burn in a day to lose your targeted weight in targeted month.

So I think you are now clear with

  • How much amount of weight your body should have
  • How much amount of calories your body should consume
  • How much of calories your body should burn

That’s it… From now, plan your Calorie Management properly and have a proper control over your body shape !!!

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