Tips And Tricks To Stop Nail-Biting Habit


Nail Biting – mental disorder or just a habit? Boredom and stress are the main culprits for nail-biting. We often bite our nails to ease anxiety and keep ourselves engaged when sitting idle. Sometimes, genes also play a role in nail-biting. This severe bad habit has many consequences. When you regularly bite your nails and cuticle, it leaves your fingers red and sore. The area around your skin causes to bleed and sometimes it can even get infected. Bacteria passed from your fingers and nails passes on to your mouth and face which can cause infection. Nail-biting also leads to damaging of your teeth. It can cause weakness to our teeth and even poorly aligned teeth structure. The appearance of those ugly-looking bitten fingernails brings down your confidence in front of other people. You don’t want your hands to look like that!

Nail-Biting Habit


So here are some tips and tricks to prevent nail-biting:

1. Commit: As easy may it sound, you need to commit yourself to stop biting your nails. Make it a promise to yourself that you will restrain yourself from nail-biting.

2. Stop putting your fingers in your mouth: Stop putting in your fingers, idly picking that loose skin and scratching the surface with your nails.

3. Manicures: Start doing manicures and see the difference. You would not want to waste all your hard work after putting in so much effort in manicure just by biting all of it away.

4. Short Nails: When your nails are relatively short, you tend to bite them less. So cut your nails short and trimmed.

5. Healthy Diet: A healthy diet will maintain your overall health and will also abstain you from biting away your nails.

6. Distract Yourself: whenever you find yourself biting your nails again, distract yourself by doing other things with your hands. This keeps you away from biting your nails.

7. Keep your mouth busy: Always keep your mouth busy so that you don’t keep your fingers in your mouth.

8. Nibble Inhibitor: Use this when you bite your nails. This non-toxic yet foul-tasting thing will help you to stop biting your nails.

9. Gloves: Whenever you feel the urge to bite your nails, wear gloves so that you don’t bite them again.

10. Cover with bandages: Wear those adhesive bandages every day till you finally overcome the disastrous nail-biting habit.

Research say that it usually takes 3 months to successfully break a habit. Start today and see the difference!

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