Easy Ways To Stop HICCUPS


“HIC”! Ever thought where these funny noises are coming from. It is coming from your diaphragm which is the domed shape muscle from where all hiccups start. It happens due to some irritation in diaphragm which can be because of eating too quickly or eating too much. Mostly hiccups last only for few minutes but in some cases hiccups last for days or month which is a sign of some medical problem but as it always said a problem always has a cure and the same comes with hiccups.

Hiccups HICS

Some simple and trouble-free techniques you can use to stop hiccups are as follows:

1. Drink water with your ears plugged – To stop that irritating noise you just need to have an entire glass of water with a straw as well as block both of your ears or you can ask anyone to do it. It will stimulate to the normal functioning of your diaphragm.

2. Have something sweet or sour – A spoonful sugar or a teaspoonful of vinegar can stop a hiccups as something sweet or sour helps the diaphragm to relax and you can make a full stop on hiccups.

3. A big spoon of peanut butter – During the process of having a spoonful of peanut butter you’re chewing and getting it off your tongue and teeth, will interrupt your breathing and swallowing patterns which make you get rid of hiccups. It is the classic hiccup cure.

4. Paper towel trick – All you need to do is to place a paper towel over the glass full of water and then drink through the towel which results you to pull harder with diaphragm to suck up the water which further is an another good cure of hiccups.

5. Have some honey – Take 1 teaspoon of honey mix it into warm water and swallow it at the back of your tongue. It will help the vague nerves to stop hiccups. Another advantage of honey is that it is an infection fighter and cough soother.

6. Hold your breath – Last but not the least, it is the simplest way without any requirement of anything, you just need to hold your breath for around 15 seconds and do it 3 to 4 times which will make you free from hiccups.

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