Benefits of Wine in Your Diet


It is in the public domain that wine has many health benefits. However, it has never been easy to find an article that will dig deeper into details concerning the benefits of having wine in your diet. It is important to note that benefits of wine in a diet comes if you ensure that you take moderate wine. Excess drinking of wine may not be helpful to your health. The wine has nutrients and chemical compounds that are helpful to the body. Here are some benefits of having wine in your diet:


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Helps in having a Healthy Heart

Research has shown that wine has benefits in reducing cardiovascular diseases as well as heart attacks. A study in Sweden did prove that people who did drink wine moderately did reduce the risk of dying prematurely. This is because wine has HDL cholesterol levels. These cholesterol helps to protect the heart.

Lowers Blood Sugar

Research showed that people who had type 2 diabetes and who drank a glass of wine every day during dinner had lower glucose levels compared to those that drunk water. This study proves that wine has a very good effect on the blood. A study in Prague did show that people who did suffer from obesity will still enjoy the benefits that come from drinking wine. This will help in improving glucose metabolism.

Helps in Weight Loss

Research conducted by Harvard University and also Washington State University contributes significantly to ensuring one does not suffer from obesity. The study went on to show that Women who usually drinks two glasses of wine during their diet had a 30% risk of ever contracting obesity.

Immune System Boost

Did you know that wine helps to boost your immune system? Well, it is now a fact. Through research that got to be conducted by doctors, they observed that drinking moderate wine can help to ensure that your immunity is high to fight viruses that bring illness such as common cold. The figures proved that who took 14 glasses of wine per week had a forty percent risk of contracting any disease.

Reduces Memory Loss

Having moderate wine during your diet will help in reducing chances of suffering from memory loss. Research undertaken by Loyola University Medical Center that is located in Chicago was able to establish that a person that drank moderate wine had lower risks of suffering from dementia. The percentage of suffering from dementia got to be rated at 23 percent. They also found that wine does help in improving the blood flow to the brain hence ensuring that your brain stays healthy.

Lowers White Cavities

The wine has nutrients that help to fight bacteria which ensures that fewer bacteria can get to attack your white cavities. Research that was done and later classified in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry did show that wine usually has special nutrients to fight bacteria. They did classify different bacteria into their categories. They then were put in the wine, and they were able to observe that when more wine stays on the tooth the more effective it is.

Ability to Safeguard you from a specific type of Cancers

The International Journal of Cancer, they found out that men who can drink a glass or two a day, have fewer risks to getting prostate cancer. The research found out that wine usually contains a certain chemical component that includes flavonoids and resveratrol that helps to reduce this incidence.

Increases the lifespan

Harvard University conducted research that showed that wine has a chemical by the name resveratrol. This component can revive and rejuvenate the cells that are responsible for protecting the body from various diseases. The research went on to find that the effects of resveratrol in mice led to the mice having a longer lifespan than normal mice. They were able to compare the muscles of the mice with resveratrol about the one which had not. They found out that the mice with resveratrol had stronger muscle and meager rate of infections. This meant long lifespan.

Helps in the Growth of Healthy Bones

Drinking wine does assist in ensuring the development of very strong bones. This is because wine helps to boost estrogen levels in the body. This is the hormone that is usually responsible for slowing down the destruction of the old bone and do not take part in slowing the production of new bone.

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Levels

Research that got to be undertaken by a European study did show that wine stands a better chance to boost your Omega-3 levels in Plasma and red blood cells compared to oily fish. The study did detail that moderate wine drinkers have higher omega-3 fatty acid in their blood that got to come from drinking wine in the blood. Higher Omega 3 Fatty Acid helps to prevent coronary Heart disease.


As clearly demonstrated from the above details, the benefits of wine in your diet are very many. I would encourage you to be raising a glass every night. It is critical to ensure that you maintain moderate drinking. This will make your health better every day.  If you want to learn more about wine, more informative details can be found in thewineitems.Com.

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