Five Tricks You Must Know When Using Juicer


When you buy a cheap masticating juicer so that you can be provided with fresh juice whenever you need it, it’s expected that you will try to figure out how the appliance works. Most people acquire juicers so they are not left out of the growing juicing trend. However, without any sincere commitment, that newly purchased juicer can turn out to be just another appliance in your cupboard that you never get to use. Juicing is a habit that requires consistency and here are a few must have tips for using a juicer.

Five Tricks You Must Know When Using Juicer

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1. Keep it clean, Always!

This is as simple as it sounds. The best way to enjoy your juicer is to make sure that it’s cleaned up after every use. This is one of the most effective tricks of using a juicer. You might push it aside because the idea of taking the juicer apart to clean all the parts seems like so much work. Bear in mind that the more it stays dirty, the more the pulp and sugars from the fruits stick to the juicer and make it harder to clean.

2. Don’t stick with fruits, Veggies work too.

When you first acquire a juicer, it’s not out of place to assume that all you have at the back of your mind are the various sweet and tangy fruit juices that you can make with it. Well you should realise that veggies are also great juicing ingredients. Get the best out of your juicer by adding celery, beets, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, and other popular vegetables to the mix.

3. Be creative

A juicer gives you the chance to experiment and try out new recipes that have been floating around in your head or on the Internet. As much as juicers are primarily designed to create healthy drinks out of fresh juice, juicers can also serve as the starting point of other delicious drinks. Think about making popsicles out of that freshly made banana and carrot combo or you could think of some amazing combinations to make the perfect cocktail. With some cubes of ice, you can transform a glass of juice into a cold summer drink. The possibilities are endless and it all begins with a juicer.

4. Follow directions

This is another important tip that you should follow when using a juicer. Juicers come in different shapes and sizes and for each appliance, there are instructions and directions on how to properly use it. Before you get right into juicing, be sure to read through the directions on how to use the juicer to get the beat results. This way, there will be no chances of you damaging your newly bought juicer at first try.

5. Use it.

This is probably the most important trick of all. Use your juicer as often as you like to create healthy drinks that provide your body with much needed nutrients. Juicers are must have appliances and these five tricks will help you make the most out of your juicer. Remember to wash the juicer after use and keep it clean always. This is to avoid damaging key parts and also to ensure that it lasts longer.

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