The CBD Oil in Vape Cartridges Has Numerous Benefits


Have you ever heard of this amazing thing called CBD or Cannabidiol? If not, don’t worry about it, we’ve got you covered! This article covers the amazing properties of this natural extract and gives you further information on how a CBD vape cartridge can help you swap out your tobacco cigarettes for something a lot less harmful to your mind and body.

The CBD Oil in Vape Cartridges Has Numerous Benefits

First, let’s get the question of legality out of the way. Is it legal? Yes, in most parts of the united states. All the 50 regions have laws surrounding it, with various restrictions that depend on whether it is derived from marijuana or the hemp plant. Feel free to read about this here.

To get you into perspective, let’s move on, and tell you a bit about what CBD is.

The Simplest Definition of What CBD Is

Cannabidiol, or its shorter name CBD, is one of about 120 different other natural compounds present in the marijuana plant, the species of Cannabis Sativa. To be clear, CBD alone does not make you high, it is the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in the plant, when combined with it, that gets you the psychoactive feeling.

It has been used for decades by many people to relieve a lot of symptoms and health conditions but has only recently come about the forefront within the scientific spectrum and has recently been in the process of being tested under the microscope as well as in various clinical trials to find that, not only does it taste nice, and bring you a sense of calm, but it also has several fundamental benefits.

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Benefits of CBD And Results of Trials


Trials that have been done on groups of individuals, controlled versus placebo, have resulted in these 7 benefits below, but also other important ones can be found on various online sources where references have been made to clinical tests and results thereof.

  1. It has been tested to find that it reduces pain and inflammation, especially to the extent of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Using CBD injections on rats.
  2. it has been tested to find that it may reduce depression and anxiety, not just in humans but also in our four-legged furry friends – cats, dogs, and horses. Using CBD oil on all entities.
  3. it has been tested to find it may have cancer-related symptom reduction and relief, as well as cancer-fighting properties. Using a CBD mouth spray on various people going through chemotherapy.
  4. It has been tested to find it can help to reduce acne in individuals due to its ability to reduce sebum production coupled with its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD oil was used.
  5. It has been tested to have neuroprotective capabilities. A study was done using oral spray Sativex reduced spasms in over 70% of people with multiple sclerosis and another test found, the over the 200 people that were given the oil, seizures in epileptic patients reduced by an astounding 37%.

The above is just touching the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of other studies, tests, and clinical trials done on patients suffering from an array of different conditions to find if this extract can help treat them or have some positive effect on them.

 CBD Cartridges – What Are They?

Our logic is that if taking the other formats such as oil tinctures, injections, mouth-sprays, as mentioned in the cases above, can help people with serious diseases, then smoking a vape would be just as beneficial.

To clarify, these vapes are exactly that – vapor. However, the difference between these and the ones on the market that have tobacco and various other toxic chemicals, is that these contain juice made primarily of CBD. Not to mention they can be sourced from transparent sources such as as opposed to some back door merchant with no guarantee that what your smoking is pure.

The best part if, there is no tobacco in them, but rather natural and harmless ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, MCT oil, natural terpenes, and propylene glycol (an organic and odorless substance that has a faintly sweet taste and considered safe by the FDA).

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If we had to choose, we would recommend this option, over the conventions e-cigarettes or tobacco vapes, you get in stores, anytime.

Happy camping!


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