How To Negotiate Your Salary In An Interview


After getting selected in a dream company, all you need is to understand the work and a take salary. Salary is all you work for, though not everyone does the same but many do it. Well when the employer is ready to recruit you into the company and declares you an employee, it’s the right time to negotiate your salary.

Salary Negotiation Tips

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You should have some pre-defined salary range to negotiate in your mind. There are certain criteria to be followed while getting you salary fixed. Most of the people don’t go for negotiation and try escaping it because they don’t want it to do, moreover, if you settle down for a low waged salary then you may get fewer pensions, less raises and may face some financial problem. Setting up with a salary that doesn’t meet up your daily needs may end up with leaving your company or arguing with your boss.

Most newbies make a mistake of revealing how much they exactly want for the job. It may happen that you may be asked for salary in the interview, at this point of time you need to fix out and handle the situation in a smooth way.

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A major issue that occurs while deciding the salary is focusing on the need but not on the value of the person or job seeker. Many times people just think that if they get a sum of the amount which makes their living then they would accept the job, but this is not the right act because you are paid for your valuable skills and not for supporting or fulfilling your living.

Sometimes weak research about the company and fewer skills in negotiation makes the salary extremely low. one should know his/her market value and obviously, should understand the fact that the employer owes them a perfect salary.

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Making a demand for the salary too early also makes sometimes the salary low. One shouldn’t demand wages or compensations too early. The best time to ask for salary is when you are the only candidate standing for the job provided. Don’t take these salary negotiations too personally and don’t break the bridge you have created all through your interview and screening process. It’s good if you maintain relations and talk out with proper thank you and salutation.

Here are some questions you should ask while negotiating with the employer:

  • Can I have the job description?
  • When should I start the work?
  • Will there be any promotions on the basis of evaluation?
  • How and when can I use the extra benefits (if provided)?
  • Will I get the offer in writing?
  • Is there a sign in bonus?

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Be confident of your work and wages you were provided (if you have already worked in a firm!). Make sure that you don’t need to say your answers and repeat any questions again and again. This creates an image in the mind of the interviewer that you are a dumb fellow.

Never make the first choice of the salary, let your employer decide how much valuable are you to him. If the company asks for a number (amount in currency) in your registration form to the company, leave it blank and rather if asked verbally try giving a polite answer like “You may know my value in your company better than me”. Do this a couple of time until you are represented a good figure of the amount. If this figure meets your minimum requirement then take the offer otherwise reply in a polite way tell them that the amount is too low but don’t tell by how much!

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