How To Face Your First Job Interview Confidently


Appearing for a job interview for the first time is obviously going to be a nerve wracking experience and any person giving his/her first interview is understandably going to have a few nervous jitters. You’re applying for your first job, you’re an inexperienced novice just starting in the jobs industry and it is imperative that you create a lasting impact on the employers by your interaction skills and knowledge. However, it is not extremely difficult to give a great interview if you keep a few basic things in mind.

First interview

Make sure that you follow the following ways perfectly to give a lasting impact on your first job interview:

  1. Ensure that you’re on time: Aim to reach 10 minutes before the scheduled interview so that you’re ready to give yourself a last minute review.
  2. Let the employer start the conversation: After exchanging all formalities, allow the employer to start talking so that you know the direction in which the conversation is headed and you can adapt according to it.
  3. Take care to provide explanations to the questions asked: Answering in yes or no may seem simple, however it also dulls their interest in you. So try to give proper explanations for every questions to keep the conversation going even during rhetorical questions.
  4. Focus on your achievements and job related skills: The employers want to know whether you’re capable to do the job or not and not about your past or other talents, so don’t go into too much detail regarding topics not related to the job you’re applying for. Let them know about your related achievements and how that experience could help in this job, don’t go boasting about why you’re capable to do this job.
  5. Display your interest in the job: Ask questions, be eager to learn about the company’s framework, make it clear to the interviewer that you’re eager to do this job to have a better chance at cracking the interview.
  6. Know the company: Just like the employers inspect you, you should also check the company and have an idea of how they operate so as to use that knowledge to your own benefit in the interview. Do your research about the company you are applying for and know their aim, mission, vision, values and functions and use this information in your answers to create the right impression in front of your employer.
  7. Act confident: Nervousness is inevitable in your first ever job interview, however it is the people that master it and portray a confident face that make the most positive impact on the employers. The interviewers are looking to hire someone confident enough to hold his own under pressure situations so being confident in the interview gives them the assurance that you might be up to the task.
  8. Don’t lie in your resume: You may feel that adding a few skills or modifying some of your achievements could help making a more impressive resume, however keep in mind that the person conducting the interview has ample experience of taking interviews and can recognize when you are faking.
  9. Dress Well: The first impression is the last impression. Dress well, put on your best face forward, show it to the employers that you have a confident mindset and attire and you have already won half the battle.
  10. Thank the interviewer: Whether your interview wasn’t up to the par or the interviewer seemed to be biased against you, always leave with a thank you or a thank you mail after the interview because politeness goes a long way in helping you win favour even after your interview.

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