The 5 Best Fonts To Use On Your Resume


If you are going to attend any job interview, the first thing that you work on is your Resume. Because your resume plays a major role in helping you to give that first impression to your HR. As the HR is completely a stranger to you, he/she will not have any idea about your character, knowledge, attitude etc. So he/she will try to know about you with the help of your resume and also by directly shooting some random questions at you. These are the only two ways with which your HR will decide whether to select you or not. So both your resume and your way of answering those questions will have equal weight-age of 50%. But the first judgement about you by your HR is made with the help of your resume looks like fonts type, alignments etc. That means you have to work on your resume to give that first impression.

I hope you all know this famous quote “First impression is the best impression”So in order to give that first impression, you need to work on the content and the look(style) of your resume. You need to concentrate more on the look of your resume rather than the content because most of the candidates will have somewhat similar content matters. So the only way to out-stand others is by making your resume look impressive and appealing. You can achieve this by using some cool fonts which add some good readable feel to your contents. So the font which you use is like the cool dress that you wear and the content in your resume in what you. Okay so let me suggest you some cool fonts that makes the reader to read your resume with ease.


The following are five best fonts which you can use in your resume:

  1. Calibri
  2. Helvetica
  3. Georgia
  4. Arial
  5. Garamond

I hope that you may be wondering why I didn’t list Times New Roman in this top 5 list. The reason is that this most recommended font is not warmly received in the professional world. So I keep this Times New Roman font out of this list and it’s your choice to use any from the above.

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