Top 5 Reverse Phone Lookup Sites


Fraudsters and spammers have no fear of using technology to advance their mission: robbing their victims of their personal information and money. They have been doing this for years with increasing success.

CNBC reported that an estimated 70 million US citizens were victims of phone scams in 2022, with fraudsters stealing around $40 billion. 

Fraudsters know how to make you confused and extract your personal data from you, and falling into their trap is sometimes very easy. Among the things you should be aware of are strong passwords for your accounts, a reliable antivirus, proper software, and, importantly, the tools that protect you from undesirable and potentially dangerous calls.

Make sure that you have technology on your side to keep them out. How do you discern whether an unknown number is a fraudster or a legitimate business? This list of the top 5 reverse phone lookup sites should help. 

Using a reverse phone lookup site saves you time hanging up on frustrating marketers and protects you against serious crimes. Every time you answer the phone to a scammer, robocall, or marketer, you increase the risk of receiving more calls because they may see your number as worth sharing. 

With a phone lookup site, you can enter an unknown number and the service will provide you with information to help you decide whether or not to engage with them.

Top Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

So here is our list of the top 5 reverse phone lookup sites to smooth out your life and keep spammers and scammers at bay.

1. PhoneHistory 

PhoneHistory is a firm that does just what it says. Need the phone history of an unknown caller? Then this is the site to visit. 

Whether you are an enterprise-level user or an individual makes no odds. You can get over to this website and enjoy searching their 500 million+ US cellphone and landline numbers!

With such an impressive database of US citizens, the chances of finding the details of your unknown number are good. The site focuses on providing information on unknown numbers, so you can expect the results to be comprehensive.

As well as an unknown number’s phone history, you can get the number’s location and the details of the owner, including their name and address. 

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2. Trapcall

Trapcall ( is suitable for informing you who is calling: a potential friend or potential foe. It also has the feature to block the number if you don’t trust it. 

Use Trapcall to know who a caller is and where they are calling from. This app gives you the information you need to decide whether to engage with the number or block it to make your life simpler and safer. 

Download Trapcall to your device. If you decline a call, Trapcall redirects the caller to their system and gets back to you with further information about the number. This can help you decide whether it was spam, a scammer, or a legitimate business or individual.

3. Whitepages

The major advantage of using Whitepages ( is that they have been in the industry for a long time. They are good at what they do. 

Enter a phone number into the Whitepages reverse phone search field and begin your investigation. If you subscribe to the premium service, you can look forward to premium results, including the number’s entire address history.

4. Truecaller 

Truecaller ( is a popular app that provides a reverse phone lookup service. If you’re uncertain about answering an unknown number, you can rely on Truecaller. The service warns if a number is suspected to be spam, which gives users peace of mind about ignoring strange-looking numbers. 

If you see a large red warning, it is spam and you can block the number without a second thought.

Truecaller is worth a special mention because it can help you fill in details about your existing contacts. Say you have a colleague’s phone number, but want to send them a document. Truecaller can provide you with the missing email, completing your information. 

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5. Google

There are many reverse phone lookup sites, but when they fail, crash, or people don’t want to pay, they often go to Google. 

Google has a few advantages over other services. First of all, it’s free. If you don’t mind ignoring a sponsored ad or two at the top of each search results page, you can search for phone numbers to your heart’s content. 

Being the world’s most popular search engine, Google also has a massive database. If someone somewhere has an opinion about the unknown phone number that called you, there’s a good chance that Google will find it. 

It should be evident quickly if the number belongs to a legitimate business. Google will generally be able to direct you to their website supported by clearly displayed contact details and, hopefully, backed up by independent reviews. 

However, if the number is associated with scams or annoying marketing, some sites, chats, and logs usually record that kind of thing. You can learn more from other people about the sort of scam or marketing that occurs when answering that particular phone number.

Searching online can normally also tell you the general location of the number and the carrier. If you have been harassed, you can call the carrier for more information or report the incident online to add to the recorded information about that number.

These reverse phone lookup sites can help you avoid marketing calls and scams. And they can help you ignore numbers without risking missing calls from legitimate businesses and individuals. 

Premium sites can provide you with a slick, effective experience that streamlines your lifestyle: 

  • Annoying call. 
  • Check number.
  • Move on.  

If you don’t mind digging in the dirt every now and then, there’s Google! 

Whatever your style, these sites provide a net against telephonic predators. Whichever you choose, stay vigilant.

And please do not accept interruptions from high-pressure spam marketers or criminal fraudsters as the norm. Solutions are out there to help give you a better quality of life; these are some of the best.


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