Top 5 Free Pdf Editors


As we know PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”. We use this document format if we want to save document files that cannot be modified. PDF files can be easily printed and shared.

Nowadays, PDF files have become a necessary document. So everybody must have an adobe reader installed in their systems to read PDF files. The pdf file format is a very common document file format all over the world.

We use this file format in our daily life routine. As pdf is a very secure file format that cannot be modified by others but can be easily shared and transferred from one source to another source.

But what if you want to edit or modify your pdf file without converting the format of the file? Don’t worry if you want to edit your pdf documents then there are a lot of free online and offline tools that you can use in order to modify pdf files.

In this writing, we will discuss the top free pdf editors that are very effective and free for editing pdf files. There are many pdf editors but it is very challenging and difficult to choose a pdf editor from thousands of options.

That’s why we have decided to write about the top free pdf editors that can make your work more easy and convenient.

Top 5 Free Pdf Editors

These pdf editing tools are listed and described below:

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC:

It is a product of Adobe. This tool or software is very efficient and secure in editing pdf files. This tool is not free but if you want to edit your pdf files professionally then this tool is the most effective and highly recommended tool.

This tool allows you to create pdf files from scratch and you can also edit existing pdf files without converting them into another format.

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2pdf is the most secure, convenient, and fast online tool. By using you can conveniently edit your pdf files without converting a format of a file. As well as 2pdf allows you to convert from any format to pdf files, reduce the size of pdf files, allows pdf file compression, and many other exciting features.

There is no need to download or install this tool on your desktop system. You just need an internet connection, go online, visit and start creating, editing, converting, and compressing your pdf files.

2pdf is a very secure and trusted tool. Because of its user-friendly interface user can easily perform modifications, conversions, and compressions without facing any complexities.

2pdf is totally free tool and you can effectively use this tool without paying any single penny.

Small pdf’s:

With Smallpdf’s Edit PDF tool, you can get a basic UI that allows you to add text and picture substance/content to your PDF documents.

This stage likewise offers basic online endorsing, and the capacity to add remarks and features to data previously put away in your PDFs. The Smallpdf framework really contains heaps of other PDF alteration tools as well.

Alongside the editing functionality, there’s an assortment of choices to change PDFs into simpler over to alter organizations, for example, Word and Powerpoint records, and you can save space by consolidating individual PDF reports into a solitary document.

In any case, the best thing about Smallpdf is that it’s a cloud-based platform. You can get to it from any upheld gadget essentially by visiting the Smallpdf site and relocating a PDF into your program.

PDF- XChange Editor:

This tool is a free tool developed by a software company named Tracker software. It is also a very effective and convenient way to edit or modify pdf files. You can freely download and install this software on your desktop or laptop.

But the interface of this software is not friendly. That’s why some users found some complexities in using this software. If you don’t have some technical background then you may face some complexities by using that software.

Yet, for most users, the fundamental motivation to utilize PDF-XChange Editor is the way that it accompanies inbuilt Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This implies that if your unique PDF report is a copy, PDF-XChange will in any case perceive the content and permit you to modify it.

Additionally, PDF-XChange Editor lets you reformat text, and even proselyte it into textual styles that aren’t now loaded on your PC.

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By using this desktop application you can easily edit your pdf files. This tool is very powerful in editing pdf files as it permits you to edit pdf files as well as it also allows you to scan paper documents.

There are two options for using this tool online and desktop application. Only the online version of this tool is free. But if you want to use a desktop application you have to pay and buy a license key for using that software.

This tool works accurately and gives precise results. But you cannot be able to upload files more than the size of 10 MB.


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