Best Online Casino Marketing Tips to Follow in 2021


Entering the online casino business takes a lot of work and money. First of all, you need to find your platform and software, buy your licenses, and make sure your casino follows all the rules and regulations of every country in your casino is available.

This is a process that can take up to a year to finish, and in some cases even more.

However, once you got that out of the way you face another problem, which is attracting customers to your casino. Even though the online gambling industry is very profitable, it takes a lot of effort and marketing investment in order to attract customers.

Best Online Casino Marketing Tips to Follow in 2021

In today’s article, we’ll cover some of the best marketing strategies for online casinos.

Focus on Creating Functional Website

Even though creating your website isn’t considered marketing, it surely affects the number of users that decide to play in your casino. Your first priority should be creating a functional and user-friendly professional website that is easy to use and has high performance.

You should hire IT experts that will create a unique, feature-packed, highly-functional, and secure UI/UX design that will highlight your brand.

Having a user-friendly website will determine the success of your marketing strategy, which is why it is our starting point in this article.

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Start a Blog

One of the best ways to increase your organic traffic is by starting a blog. In fact, most of the traffic from successful businesses comes from blog articles. 

By writing high-quality articles for the niche in your category for example on how to win at slots, you can attract people who search related stuff on the internet. Click here to check an example on a quality article about tips to win at slot machines.

It is important to target specific keywords that have low competition and a high number of monthly searches. Additionally, your fresh new blog articles will show that your casino is active.

Mail Newsletter

Business owners don’t pay too much attention to their e-mail marketing and they are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

E-mail marketing provides the biggest average return on investment or for every $1 spent you’ll get around $40 in return. This is a great cost-efficient way of spreading the word about your online casino.

You could send weekly bonuses, free spins, or inform people about new games and other promotions.

Social Media

One of the easiest and cost-efficient ways of advertising your online casino business is by using social media platforms.

Social media platforms are great for advertising your business just because most of them have complex systems that allow you to target people with specific interests.

In other words, you’ll reach the same amount of people on social media compared to outdoor advertising for example, but the people from social media are more likely to become your loyal customers just because of their interest.

This increases your ROI and makes social media the perfect tool for online casino advertising. There are many advertising options you can choose from, such as videos, images, or partner with other pages to increase your reach.

Start an Affiliate Program

The affiliate program isn’t something new when it comes to business advertising, but most new casino owners don’t go for this way of advertising just because they think it is very difficult.

However, there are many third-party businesses that offer affiliate program services, which means that you don’t need to make any structural changes to your website.

An affiliate program is a very clever system that awards people who bring new customers to your business.

You can either give them free spins, multipliers, or in-game currency bonuses. That way you’d have thousands of people promoting your business for you which will save you a lot of time.

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Final Words

These are some of the best online casino advertising strategies in 2021. The online casino business doesn’t require a different approach compared to a standard blog. 

In some cases, you might run into problems due to gambling promotion restrictions, but all in all, most social media platforms and other online services allow casino ads.


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