FIFA 21 Tips: How to Grow Your Ultimate Team?


After FIFA 20 underwhelmed audiences, EA Sports was under pressure to deliver with FIFA 21. Although the title isn’t perfect, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Changes to Career Mode have added much-needed freshness to the franchise, while Ultimate Team continues to attract many players.

In years gone by, the series’ squad-building multiplayer option has proved itself to be somewhat troublesome for casual players to obtain some of the game’s best players. However, in FIFA 21, that’s not the case.

Thankfully, the title’s creators have placed a greater emphasis on incentivizing playing time, but haven’t done so in an unrealistic manner. In turn, this makes unique, sought-after cards more straightforward to claim than in prior years.

FIFA 21 Tips How to Grow Your Ultimate Team

But, how do players maximize their Ultimate Team progress? Here are a few methods to consider.

Go Mobile and Use FUTBIN

In an era that’s embracing mobile gaming, using the FIFA Companion App is advised. Available across both Android and iOS smartphones, users can now take their Ultimate Team on the move with them.

This is pivotal given that many Squad Building Challenges, which can be completed via the app, expire after either a few days or hours. As such, through utilizing the compatible mobile function, there’s no risk of missing out on sought-after rewards.

Fundamentally, offering a mobile app is a smart move by EA as it ensures user captivation on a remote level.

As touched on above, smartphone gaming is coming to the forefront, as increasing developers are targeting the user-friendly industry. Not only are phones central in hosting companion apps and casual games, but they also play a role in promoting growing markets, such as online betting.

The operators listed at reflect this. An eight-year-old site, it focuses on highlighting the best, most trusted casinos and sportsbooks on the market.

Through strategy and informed reviews, they have long been able to provide a well-researched service. Interestingly, many of their reviewed operators, such as bet365, have a mobile app, which, like the FIFA Companion App, allows users to enjoy on-the-move gaming.

Furthermore, a handy tool for FIFA players to use is FUTBIN. The website, which also has an optimized mobile app, features SBC assistance, a squad-building function, and player reviews.

Since being founded, the informative platform has sought to aid gamers’ Ultimate Team growth by pointing them in the right direction and providing them with the knowledge needed to enhance their gaming experiences.

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Keep an Eye Out for New Objectives and SBCs

Most days, EA releases new content at 18:00 GMT. On Wednesdays, the title’s developers unveil the latest Team of the Week, which contains an array of the most in-form players.

However, aside from through packs or via the transfer market, these are generally unattainable. Unless you’re after a specific TOTW card, it’s better to save your coins for future SBCs.

Fundamentally, SBCs are challenge-orientated tasks that require players to meet the requirements of pre-set guidelines.

Generally, a new SBC becomes each day, and the rewards vary from specific players to packs and kits. Thus far, upon the launch of new promotions, EA has often centered SBCs around their new range of cards.

For example, during the Rulebreaker campaign, players could pick up an 84-rated Anderson Talisca for around 70,000 coins. Moreover, an 86-rated FUT Freeze Houssem Aouar was also available in an SBC for approximately 130,000 coins.

Much like how EA’s NBA2K franchise requires improvement, as we remarked at, there’s always scope to develop Ultimate Team, and EA has strived to do so in FIFA 21.

For those who don’t like the idea of spending in-game coins of untradable items, objectives may instead be the route to take. Much like with SBCs, a player from each promotion is chosen as an objective reward.

During the Freeze campaign, for example, players could obtain both an 85-rated Capa and Yannick Bolasie without any cost. This does, however, require more time, as players must fulfill various friendly targets before being awarded the item in question.

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Ultimate Team in FIFA 21 Won’t Break the Bank!

Of course, the decision to buy and use FIFA coins rests with each gamer. However, it’s worth knowing that real-world investment is no longer the only route to possessing a competitive Ultimate Team.

Objectives and SBCs have made the title significantly more user-friendly, and EA deserves praise for its efforts to make the FIFA franchise fairer and more inclusive.


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