Rust Beginners Guide Early Game Strategies & Tactics


Rust is a highly appealing game to the players. It can keep you engaged with your gaming system for hours. However, in order to succeed in the game, you need to have proper knowledge of the game because it is not very easy to learn.

Rust Beginners Guide Early Game Strategies Tactics

This is why we have come up with some of the most effective tips and tricks for beginners that will help them to master the game of rust.

Choose your server wisely:

First and foremost, you need to be careful about your choice of server. While choosing your first server, make sure that the server has a considerably fewer number of players.

You will also be able to master all the tips and tricks in a server that is not very highly populated. Once you think you are more experienced and you have a better chance of winning, you should go for 2x purposes.

Once you are a completely experienced player, you can go for a 3x server. You can also use rust aimbot to increase your chances of survival.

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Develop PVP skills:

It is very important for you to develop PVP skills if you want to play the game really well. You can practice PVP skills on various training servers. You may choose any type of weapon on the server or you can also spawn with all of them.

This will help you to practice better. Always keep in mind that tier 1 weapons are easy to get in the game while it is very difficult to acquire tier 3 weapons. If you are a beginner, then it is always better to aim for lower-tier weapons.

The tier of the weapons can easily be checked out from the crafting menu. You can also look for interesting strategies and ideas on Rust from the internet. Once you find yourself in a more comfortable situation in the game, you can use whichever weapon you want.

Learn to build your first base:

Getting your first base properly can be a big challenge for you if you want to avoid dying. While building your first base, various important aspects of the game are required to be considered.

So, before you actually start to build your first base, you need to have everything that you require to build your base like a tool cupboard, door, lock.

It is a very good idea to spend a considerable amount of time on the practice server and learn how to build the first base that you can use every now and then. The two by two bases are used in the game for better security.

Choose a perfect place for building your base:

Next, you will have to choose the place where you would want your first base. The first base should always be near to the forest so that it is close enough to the trees.

It should also be near to the mountain area so that you can acquire metal, stone, and sulfur for building purposes. Also, try to build your base in a hidden position so that you can hide from other players.

Look for farming resources:

If you do not have sufficient resources for farming, you will never be able to survive in the game and ultimately you will have to die.

Always look for farming areas on the map. The main resources that you need to acquire from the farms are metal, wood, sulfur, stone, animal products, and clothes. Wood is found almost anywhere on the map.

However, it is easier to acquire wood from dense forests. You can also acquire metal and stones from the mountain region and cactus from the desert region. For cloth and animal products, you will have to target the green areas of the map.

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Always look behind you:

This is one of the most basic tricks that you must follow. Whenever you are walking or running or farming or doing anywhere else, you should look around you.

You can use the alt key to freely look everywhere without changing your direction. By doing so, you will always get an added advantage over others who are not aware of the basics of the game.

You will also be able to save yourself if someone is chasing you or trying to harm you from the back.

Getting better at Rust is not at all rocket science. You just need to keep certain things in mind and you will be able to do best as a Rust beginner. Of course, early game strategies work well when you add them to your gaming routine.

And the above-mentioned were some of the most basic tips and tricks that you must master while you start playing Rust. In case you have other ideas in mind, do share them with us.


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