Top 5 Similar Games Like Hill Climb Racing 2


Hill Climb Racing 2 is an Arcade game which is currently available for Android as well for iOS devices too. Currently, this game is the newer version of the older version named Hill Climb Racing. Some of the users are there who really want to play this game by tackling challenges. But some users are still there who want to change this game after a certain period of gameplay. Actually, they are getting bored of playing the same game with same challenges every day and there are some might have tried to Hill climb racing 2 mod download but that was not beneficial too. In this article, we will tell you about 5 similar games like Hill Climb Racing 2 which are free to download and play on your Android phone.

Hill Climb Racing 2

As you need to replace the Hill Climb Racing 2, then we will provide you the best similar games like Hill Climb 2 only. So, here we will provide you the information for choosing the similar alternatives of Hill Climb Racing 2. Games always provide you the best entertainment as always. But choosing the best game for your phone which you like to play is the main point. But no need to worry, we will provide you the best suggestions for games which you can choose from Google Play as like Hill Climb Racing 2.

Best Games like Hill Climb Racing 2:

Now you have reached to the main section, from where you can able to get know about best similar games like Hill Climb Racing 2.Without taking more time we will start discussing the games which you can choose in replace of Hill Climb Racing 2.

1. Blocky Roads:

At first, we will refer you the game Block Roads. This game will provide you the best experience in Gameplay by replacing Hill Climb Racing 2. If you want another Arcade game then this is also the best option for you. It is available to download for free from Google Play as well as iTunes. Thus you can play this game on Android as well as on iOS devices too. The main objective of this game is to drive a car in hills, mountains, deserts, and dunes.

Blocky Roads

2. Rails and Metal:

One of the physical-based driving game if you find in replace of Hill Climb Racing 2 then opt. Rails and Metal. This game is only available for Android smartphones. If you get bored of playing Hill Climb Racing 2 then simply go for Rails and Metal. Your duty to perform in this game is to drive the train in a pleasant way and delivers the preferred goods to their location only. The user interface of this game is created with beautiful mountains, trees, and the tracks are passes through them only.

Rails and Metal

3. Speedy BMX Bike:

From the title name of the game, you can get know that this is also a top rated bike racing game. This game allows you to ride a BMX bike in some of the beautifully crafted hills, roads, mountains, etc.  Show some of the beautiful stunts in this game and get the rewards to increase the score more than others. The overall game follows the same type of mechanics only to ride the bike and show your creativity in this game. The user interface of this game is also so much friendly that any user can able to play this game easily.

Speedy BMX Bike

4. DragonFly:

DragonFly is a very addictive game which can easily start playing by any user. This game is supported by both the Android and iOS device too. When you will play this game, it will provide to fly the young dragons which are too little and young to fly. The main task of the user is to fly the dragons accordingly to the track by tapping on the main screen. Kids also get very much interested in playing this game on the smartphones. So download it now from Google Play or iTunes to get the best experience of gameplay ever.


5. Speedy Truck:

From the name of the game, you can get know that Speed Truck is physics based driving video game for smartphones. This game is supported only by the Android Smartphones. So go to the Google Play to download this game easily. Once you download this game. Now start playing it easily without any further needs.

Speedy Truck

So these are some of the similar games like Hill Climb Racing which you can choose according to your need. Besides these above-described game, you can find much more from your app store. But the above-discussed games are the almost nearest games like Hill Climb Racing 2. Hope you all are satisfied with the information which we have provided here about the alternatives of Hill Climb racing 2. If you find this content is useful for you then choose any one of the games to try on your smartphones.

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