Word Counter Tool: Why You Need This Tool While Writing?


If you have a look at all kinds of professionals who are playing important roles in the word of digital marketing, article writers are majorly involved. These professionals have to deliver top-notch content for their respective brands so that readability increases and more people show interest. There are some things which make tasks simple for article writers. A quality word counter tool is one of the many tools which they require. Why is a word counter tool important? What kinds of tasks does it complete for an article writer? With prepostseo you can easily count the total number of words in your article.

Word Counter Tool

#1 Each article has a word count specification

If you are a professional article writer, you would have an idea that working on a quality submission requires proper concentration and focus. You cannot keep the word count of an article according to your likes and preferences. If you have to write a brief description of a product, it would not comprise of several thousand words because it is not needed. Every professional writer has to keep a check on the word count. If you exceed the word count, the article may not be submitted. Let us go through an example.

  • Some article submission websites and blogs have restrictions in terms of the word count that each post should have. If you work on an article and the word count exceeds the permissible limit, it would be rejected and this simply means that all your hard work would go down the drain. No professional article writer would want this to happen so taking precautions is always the key.
  • The use of a quality word counter tool is a great help if you want to keep a check on the number of words you are writing. Consider an example. If you have to write an article on digital marketing and the maximum word count should be 500 words, it would be good to use a proper word counter tool. When you are done with the writing, simply copy the written information and paste it in the text box of the tool. The word count would be calculated and shown on your screen. This is what needs to be done. When you get the word count through a technological tool, the chances of errors would not exist.

#2 Not using a word counter means more effort

If you plan to count the number of words manually, you should be prepared to get exhausted in a terrible manner. Along with that, why do you need to put in so much hard work when the same goals can be completed in a better manner through a technological tool?

  • Consider that you want to count the number of words without using any tool. For this purpose, you would have to invest a long span after getting done with the writing work. You would have to go line by line and count the words present. In addition to that, this process would have to be repeated multiple times to be sure that the count is correct. There is no need to put in so much effort when a much easier option is present on the table for you.
  • A professional word counter tool does everything for when it comes to counting the number of words. Simply paste what you have written in the provided box or upload the file in the form of a document. Once the tool is initiated, complete details about the word count including character count (with and without spaces) would be displayed on your screen. Now, if you compare this option with manual counting, you would realize that this is a much easier option. The best thing is that the writer does not have to put in any effort. Using a quality word counting tool is the easiest option available.

#3 Manual word counting is not error free

As it is mentioned above, manual proofreading does have various negatives attached to it. For instance, the word count may be incorrect. Thus, it is recommended that the article writer should repeat the process which would require further time as well. In a nutshell, you should be prepared for putting in a lot of time to perform a task which can be completed in a much shorter while. If you are working on an article with a tight deadline, the task would actually become a lot harder for you.

  • Making mistakes are very much expected when a manual word count process is carried out. Humans, after all, make mistakes at times even when a careful approach has been adopted. This obviously does not happen when a tool is being used to carry out the same task. Professional article writers work with the same approach. They use a proper tool for word counting purpose. Once the content is pasted in the provided text box, the word count would be displayed to the user.
  • There is nothing complicated or highly technical when it comes to using these tools. They have a very simple interface and even users with less or no technical knowledge can use them. Word count tools do not have a complicated layout and produce effective results for article writers.


The first thing you need to produce a quality article is piling your thoughts. You have to carry out multiple brainstorming sessions and bring the correct ideas on the table. The writing process can start only after this task has been completed. With a tight deadline, it is not that easy to complete all these tasks. Other than that, if you have to count the words each time a paragraph has been completed, the workload would increase by a major margin.

If you are an experienced article writer responsible for producing top-notch content, using a word count tool is necessary for you. Since no manual counting of words would be needed, you would be able to invest all your focus on developing quality content and completing the article on time.


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