How to Make Your Poker Blog a Success?


Blogging is a great way to make money in 2022. But to succeed, you must have a structured and organized approach.

After all, the competition is very tight now that there are over 600 million blogs in the world. Food blogs happen to be four times more popular than any other topic, and this is followed by lifestyle and travel-themed pages.

As such, combining any of these three popular themes will increase your chances of getting noticed by readers.

Fortunately, niche topics like poker can hit two of these popular themes at once. Poker is a widely played game across the globe, with more poker tables in North America than any other continent, bar Europe.

It’s become increasingly popular in various continents because people have made it a part of their daily lifestyle. These factors are key advantages to starting a blog because you’ll be able to deliver something people want to read through this niche theme.

Poker Blog a Success
With our niche in mind, how do we elevate our content above the competitors, especially in a throttled market such as online poker? How do we monetize that content to earn a living? Here are our tips, which are adaptable for your blog.

Mixed Level Content

The first thing to think about is how you capture your audience. You might feel your unique content gives you an edge, and that’s partly correct.

Having unique content, often based on opinion and analysis, will give your site something that attracts customers, but don’t forget the bread and butter. There are just as many poker fans starting to play the game as established poker players looking for unique content.

Therefore, offering an analysis of the latest World Series of Poker is great, but make sure you have beginner content such as explaining the basic poker terms. It’s like fishing; the wider you cast your net, the more you’re likely to catch. By varying content between unique and basic, you’ll appeal to two different markets.

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Affiliate Marketing

Getting people to your site is great, but you will have to play your cards right if you wish to monetize them.

There are a couple of ways of earning from your blog; a patron scheme, where people pay for content, is one.

However, unless your content is unique, high quality and well-respected, that will be a tough sell. You could do Google Ads, but the volume needs to be high.

A third method is affiliate marketing, and in the poker world, it’s a good way to go. Providers will pay money to have you direct your traffic to their services, and an affiliate is usually paid a fee or commission on every player who signs up.

There’s often no restriction on who you are affiliated with, and you can even have affiliate links to poker equipment on Amazon or eBay, for example, to earn extra money.

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Varied Media

Blogging is a word that tends to suggest writing, but that’s only one sphere of the media world and perhaps the one that is stagnating. These days, it’s all about video content, so more bloggers are venturing out to YouTube and TikTok to promote their articles.

To set your site above the rest, explore both of those content methods. You can also attract more viewers to your channel by making an engaging title, a personalized thumbnail, and a bold call to action back to your blog.

Of course, you need to deliver what your viewers want by producing short tutorial videos or an analysis of big tournaments when they’re on. The key is to keep your audiences hooked on these platforms, so they’ll anticipate any articles from your blog.

You can capture a big and engaging audience by making a poker blog. Make sure that you’ll stand out from the rest of your competition by doing your research on the topic and promoting your blog properly.


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