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WordPress is the most popular content management system for many reasons. It is available for free and offers almost an endless selection of themes and plugins. Everyone from newbie to a developer can use this platform to design their website. So when you create your WordPress site, you will have to host it. 000Webhost offers free WordPress hosting service along with a wide range of features. You can create a fully-functional website for free without paying anything, even for the domain.

000webhost WordPress Tutorial

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This review introduces you to the key benefits of free WordPress hosting with 000webhost.

Free WordPress Hosting

WordPress allows you to create different types of websites. This includes:

  • Blog
  • Online store
  • Business website

There is no limitation on what type of website you can create with WordPress.

Another advantage of WordPress hosting is that it is easy to use. You don’t need any previous experience. And 000webhost makes things even easier.


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000webhost has its own advanced servers and offers high-end performance for WordPress hosting. Create and host your fully-functional WP site for free. There is no need to deal with the back-end technical aspects of website development. It takes just a few clicks to create and your WP website, host it, optimize it, and publish it.

Key Features of 000webhost WP Hosting

Some of the main reasons for choosing 000webhost’s free WordPress hosting service are as following:

  • 100% Free: 000webhost offers a 100% free web hosting platform. When hosting your WordPress site, you don’t have to pay anything. In fact, this web host allows you to host any website or blog for free. It is a true, free web hosting platform that offers the promise of being free forever. You get 10GB of bandwidth and 1GB storage space for your site along with a series of other free features including high-quality customer support.
  • Easy & Simple Control Panel: This web host makes a difference by offering an easy-to-use control panel. You get access to an elegant and user-friendly control panel that makes it easier to manage your WordPress site.
  • 1-Click WP Installer: Another feature that makes 000webhost your perfect WP web hosting provider is that it offers the 1-Click WordPress installer. There is almost no other free web host that offers the autoinstaller for free. Install WordPress or any other scripts with just a click and in seconds. This makes this hosting provider the perfect platform for both new and experienced users.
  • Faster Performance: When you choose a free WordPress hosting service, you don’t expect to receive the performance offered by paid web hosting providers. 000webhost makes an exception in this department as well. It relies on NGINX, HTTP/2, and custom-designed and highly efficient WP caching plugins. All this makes WordPress hosting faster than many paid WP hosting services in the market.
  • Free Domain Hosting: If your WordPress site doesn’t have a domain name, you don’t have to purchase it. This hosting service allows you to even host your WP site on 000webhost’s short domain. The domain name can then be added later.
  • A No-Ad Environment: Most other free hosting platforms come with an ad-based environment. It negates the very essence and purpose of setting up a website. Your website should be your own and shouldn’t have any advertisement or content from any third-party unless it serves your purpose. 000webhost provides an ad-free environment. Simply host your WordPress site and get started for free.

There are many other features that make 000webhost the perfect free web hosting platform.

  • 10GB Bandwidth: It is rare for a free web hosting provider to give you a bandwidth of 10GB. Most other free hosting services limit the bandwidth to ensure that their users will upgrade quickly. They offer bandwidths that can’t support even a basic blog and their goal is to get you to upgrade. However, that is not the case here with 000webhost. You get more than enough bandwidth to support your WordPress site. That is the kind of bandwidth that can support the level of traffic that is received by small businesses.
  • 5 Email Forwarders: Another reason 000webhost is unique is that it offers 5 email forwarders, which is one of the highest by almost any free hosting service. Most other free hosting providers are limited to 1 or 2 email forwarders.

Ease of Installation

When you are starting with your site, it is best to choose free WordPress hosting. Setting up WordPress with 000webhost is easy and anyone can manage it. This host provides you with an easy-to-use control panel and interface for installation. You can use either the 000webhost autoinstaller or the WordPress’ 5-miniute installer. The process is extremely simple:

  • Open ‘build WordPress website’ and then click on ‘install now’
  • Click on ‘install’ and this will start the process of installation
  • When the installation is complete, click on ‘go to WordPress configuration page’
  • Then select the language you want for your site and then click on ‘continue’
  • Enter your website’s title and admin details
  • Click on ‘install WordPress’ and this will complete the process

000webhost Installation

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Anyone with basic IT skills can follow through the entire process that takes just a minute few minutes. Not only is WP installation easy and quick, managing the site is also simple. Once the installation process gets completed, you will automatically be taken to the WP admin dashboard. The next time you can use the basic admin area URL’s to access the dashboard. These URLs are as follows:

  • http://yoursite.com/wp-login.php
  • http://yoursite.com/wp-admin


000webhost is a unique web host that offers free WordPress hosting service. It is easy to use and comes with a wide range features which can be expected only from a paid service. it is not only easy to install WordPress, it also makes it easier to manage your WP site. There is almost no service that it doesn’t offer that a paid service does. And all this comes at zero cost to you.

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