Best SEO Tools for 2018 Recommended By Industry Experts


Search Engine Optimization will be one of the most important campaigns for digital marketers. However, search engine algorithms keep changing from time to provide the most relevant and accurate search results to users, something that leaves webmasters and marketers concerned. You may implement the best SEO tactics today only to find out it has become obsolete and even harmful within no time. This makes SEO professionals ever busy looking for the new trends and opportunities to build effective marketing campaigns for their clients. The beautiful part is that there is a wide range of SEO tools to help you keep tabs with changing SEO trends, so as to remain at the top of the game at any given time. These tools range from simple link optimizing tools such as Check My Links to multi-metrics sites analysis tools such as SerpBook rank tracker.

Best SEO Tools

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Some SEO tools are free while others are paid for. To create and implement effective SEO strategies you need to identify the best tools to help you undertake various SEO tasks including:

  • Keyword Management – Keywords refer to search queries that users are likely to use to find your site. Keyword management involves keyword research, keyword density analysis, keyword rank tracking and keyword grouping. Effective keyword management allows to get high organic traffic to your site and to improve your customer experience.
  • Website Audit and Craw diagnosis – This involves website structure analysis to identify the necessary improvements as well as identifying and fixing errors like 404 error, broken links, bad backlinks and overall content errors.
  • Scrutinizing Backlink – Backlinks refer to links directing users to your website. They enhance your website reputation and create value for your site. SEO tools will help get more backlinks and trace their sources as well as discover quality backlink opportunities.
  • Reporting and SEO Analytics – This will involve competition analysis, traffic prediction, SERP rank tracking and trend analysis.

Any tool or combination of tools that help you in the above tasks will be very useful in your 2018 online marketing campaigns.

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5 Top Free and Paid SEO Tools

  1. SerpStat – One of the best online growth solution to help you in PPC, SEO, and content marketing plans. The tool has paid packages ranging from $ 19 to $299 per month and offers several important features including:
  • SEO and PPC keyword collection.
  • Keyword valuation.
  • Keyword variation suggestions.
  • WebPages relevance check.
  • Keywords trend analysis.
  • Long-tail keyword generation.
  1. Google Webmaster – This is a free SEO tool used for the purpose of website analytics. The tool is starter friendly and helps in understanding the primaries of Google Search. It helps in troubleshooting poor SEO performance to help you make the right adjustments to achieve better SEO results. It also identifies and isolates error codes when your site is attacked. The tool can also test your site desktop and mobile performance speed and calculates site percentage score for your site based on the best SEO practice.
  2. Ahrefs – This is a research and analysis SEO tool that is available in both premium and free trial versions. The tools comprise of a site explorer for backlink analysis and content explorer, which identifies viral content for a specific keyword or topic. The keyword explorer provides global or regional search volume, ranking history and keywords ideas.
  3. Serpbook – One of the latest SEO rank tracker that is helpful in keyword tracking, competitive analysis, local and regional ranking tracking, mobile rank tracking and backlink monitoring. The tool is highly recommended for its live alerts, customized reporting, and API integrations. The complex tool offers SEO analysis based on various metrics giving you a wide overview of your marketing performance. The tool has paid plans starting at $9.95/ month but has a 14 days trial period.
  4. SEM Rush – The tool is ideal for keyword and competitor monitoring. It offers 20+ competitor research methods that involve backlinks, keywords and content analysis among others.

Different SEO experts use different tools for various tasks based on their capabilities, costs and personalized SEO needs. Before choosing the right SEO tool it is therefore important to analyze your website, business goals, and budget, develop customized SEO goals and plan. Your tools of choice should help you implement, test and adjust your SEO strategy to achieve your overall business goals.

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