How To Use Quora To Promote Your Website


First of all, what is Quora? Quora is an easy to navigate Q&A website where you type your question, and it gets answered by other people. It was founded in June 2009 by two former Facebook employees. Most interesting and helpful answers get ‘upvotes’. Quora is indexed in Google, i.e. people searching for answers on google might stumble upon your answers on Quora. Lots of CEOs and founders are there on Quora who are directly engaging with everyone and answering their questions.

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Here are five great reasons to use Quora for promoting your website:

  1. You get exposure to its 1.5 million monthly visitors, worldwide.
  2. Get insights from experts in any industry.
  3. You can demonstrate your expertise and thoughts on almost any topic.
  4. You can give direct answers or insights about the products and services you offer to the public.
  5. You can also share content published on other websites, and your own too.

So here’s a list of all the points you can use to promote your website and give it a boost on Quora:

  • Create an optimal Quora profile: Whenever someone posts an answer, a bit of their profile shows at the top. This is the first impression for your customers or leads. Mention your company’s name and people associated with it, insert your website’s link in the bio. Structure your bio carefully, add a detailed ‘about me’ section of yours, including all the details the customers need to know. Mention your areas of expertise, your interests, prior education, companies you’ve worked with, and connect your social media accounts.
  • Follow topics based on your interests: Follow relevant topics which are connected to your industry or business and engage in conversations related to it. Follow topics which seem to drive maximum traffic to your website.
  • Find the best questions which you can answer: Find questions which are relevant to your work and the industry you are associated with. Try finding newer questions so that people can see your answers on top.
  • Sharpen your communication skills: A good communication skill automatically brings out the shine in you. People get attracted towards this. Get creative with your answers and be very precise about what you are posting.
  • Seek guidance: As mentioned already, Quora has top CEOs and founders of some successful companies around the globe. Interact with them about your ideas and ventures. Discuss about how your business works and how it can be of help to them. Engage as much as possible.
  • Create your own Quora blog: Create your own blog and publish stories about your brand. It can be success stories or even blogs discussing about your products or services.
  • Post in the right time: Most of the Quora users are from the Indian subcontinent. Try posting as much as possible in the mornings. That is when people go through the posts as they have time to spare on the go. Posting at the right time can drive high traffic.

Quora can definitely be a rich source to drive traffic to your website, in all the right ways. It all depends on how you use it and in what way you are deriving benefits out of it. Keep the above mentioned points handy and start observing a change!!!

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