Ideas To Promote Your Blog Offline


Blogging is the part of sharing your ideas, write-up and believe with others. Promoting your blog will let you to engage more and more visitors. Online marketing is not the only way to promote your blog. But you can also use traditional way to promote it.

Promote Blog

Here are some interesting and effective ideas that will help you to promote your blog offline:

  • Posters: One can form eye-catching posters for blog to represent it to your friends, society, your locality, college board etc. It will help it to gain public attention.
  • Print Media Method: One can give their freelance article to publish in Newspapers. Make sure they give your name and website URL. Or you can also get it advertised in the advertisement section of newspaper, magazine, radio etc.
  • SMS: To your known ones you can also send messages to make them visit your blog. You can even call them too.
  • You should also attend conferences where you will meet different people and can inform them about your blog. The interested one will surely visit your website.

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  • Pamphlets: You can also form pamphlets of your blog website and always keep them with you. So that where ever you go, you can ask them to visit it.
  • Printed T-Shirts or Mugs: Recently, more and more people using T-shirt and mugs for promoting their blog by putting the website or the blog name on it.
  • Business Cards: You should form a business card for the same, and keep them in your pocket. Whatever the place you visit, you can distribute it there. These are very effective and handy also.
  • Contact Cyber Cafes: You can contact cyber cafes and ask them to create your blog’s wallpaper as homepage. It is a very easy way to promote your blog offline.
  • Sponsor such king of events like sports, school etc which allow you to promote your blog.
  • This method works well if you giveaway items or products that people actually have a daily use for. You want to give away items that can be used daily and have your blog branding on them like pen, tissue box, etc.

Seek your friends help for the promotion of your blog. Always remember to create something that indulges large audience so that it would take less time and hard work. And also one should apply these keeping in mind their target audiences. Create something that attracts the reader’s mind and he/she will pay attention towards it. Only in this way you’re promoting will give you a positive result.

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