4 Reasons Businesses of the Future will not be able to live without Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence may seem like a thing of science fiction, but it has fast become an integral part of our everyday lives. In fact, it is already utilized in a number of helpful ways, from the digital personal assistants on our mobile phones to the smart home devices that learn from our behavior patterns. The support that AI provides makes it an essential investment for business leaders and adopting these technologies is necessary to ensure future growth. There are countless opportunities to use artificial intelligence technologies within a business, whether it be to improve efficiency, security or service.

Artificial Intelligence

The experts at Syntax IT Support London offer a short list of AI’s most valuable uses for forward-thinking companies.

1. Customer Service

Artificial intelligence can act efficiently as the first line of support for customers. Implementing AI technology can be useful for both call centers and text-based interactions, with computing systems the first port of call when it comes to customer interaction. It can understand various accents and dialects as well as misspelled words in an email or live chat correspondence.

Not only can AI provide solutions to the customer’s problem, it can also make further suggestions when appropriate using what it has learned from previous interactions to determine whether the customer is likely to encounter further issues. It responds quickly and accurately, providing solutions using clear and concise language. Companies and consumers alike may be apprehensive towards a customer service desk run entirely by AI. However, the technology can be used successfully to support existing employees, allowing businesses to improve their customer service while maintaining a human touch.

2. Cybersecurity

With malicious cyber-attacks growing increasingly hostile and using more advanced technologies, businesses must make their defensive systems a priority and make use of the latest security platforms to protect their data. Recent advancements in security technology have shown that the combination of AI techniques and antivirus is a successful approach, using systems that can analyze, learn from and anticipate cyber security threats to defend businesses.

It is thought that in the future AI security platforms will become autonomous, their self-learning capabilities enabling them to provide automatic defense. The emergence of new technologies, using both artificial intelligence and analyst intuition certainly sets us on this path and as further advancements are made we are able to envision a future where security teams rely solely on machines to defend their organization’s assets. This will leave experts free to expose attackers and focus on the reduction of vulnerabilities.

3. Data analysis

AI can be used within a number of industries to automate labor-intensive processes, including the processing and analysis of data. Data can be processed far more quickly by artificial intelligence than by a human brain and so can vastly improve productivity within the workplace. AI can also be used to analyze unstructured data, making informed decisions using a wider range of source material.

Unstructured data is that which would ordinarily be overlooked, such as old reports filed away years previously. AI can often make use of this discarded data to support businesses in new ways. An example is in the analysis of consumer conversations, which can be used to identify customers’ behavior and personality types. From this analysis, service can be tailored individually to each customer to best suit their needs.

4. Generating insights

AI can go even further in its interactions with data, taking its analysis and applying foresight techniques to anticipate future problems. With machine learning, AI can take in old data and recognize patterns, extracting knowledge automatically allows it to foresee future issues and suggest solutions to them before they arise. AI could be used to recognize common complaints and suggest ways in which they could be combated by the company, or it could be used to monitor machinery and predict when it will need repairs. AI’s capabilities already show boundless potential in the world of business.

As artificial intelligence technologies mature and develop, their potential for use in business will continue to increase. It is vital that business leaders incorporate AI into their companies now to thrive in this technologically advancing climate, where automated support is key to success.

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