Keep Your Web Content Original – Never Copy and Paste!


If you are wondering how to keep your web content original and trustworthy, then you have landed in the right place. We are going to tell you all about how to keep your web content original. 

In this article, you are going to find different tips and tricks which would help you ensure that your content is free of plagiarism and other copyright issues. 

Keep Your Web Content Original Never Copy and Paste

The cases of plagiarism are increasing every day, and so it is important that you read this post and follow the tips and tricks which would assist you in making your content unique. 

Tips and tricks to keep your web content original!

Here are some of the most basic and advanced tips that would help you create original content for your site. 

  • Never copy and paste content

Today people are creating content by simply copying text from other sources. Well, if you want to ensure that your website content is original and free of all sorts of plagiarism, then you have to initially make sure that you are not copying and pasting content from any source.

We would like you to know that copying and pasting content can simply affect the credibility of the website, and this is why it is always recommended that if you want to use ideas or content from another source, then you rephrase it in your own words. 

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  • Use a Plagiarism Checker tool

When you are creating content for your website, you have to ensure that you check plagiarism in it before publishing. There are many online plagiarism checker tools listed on multiple search engines.

One of the most popular and accurate plagiarism checker tools these days is! This is a web-based free plagiarism checker which is capable of finding not only deliberate but also accidental plagiarism in your content.

The best thing about this reliable plagiarism checker is that it can easily find and tell if someone is stealing content from your website.

You just have to enter the URL of the site in this duplication checker, and it will tell you about similar sources. You should always keep a free plagiarism checker tool in your bookmarks!

  • Use Google Alerts

Google alerts, as the name tells us, is a utility that generates alerts for users on the basis of certain criteria. You just have to navigate to Google Alerts, enter your search query and create the alert. You can also select the source type to specify the search engine.

There are many advanced features and options on Google alerts that can help you find out if someone is stealing your content without proper attributions.

This tool is very helpful for writers and content creators who have spent serious time generating unique and informative content for their readers.

  • Always cite reference posts

When you are creating content for your blog or website, you have to make sure that you focus on citing the reference sources. Finding original ideas is close to impossible these days, and so you might have to rely on the content that is already published online.

So when you are taking ideas from other sources, it is important that you cite them. Giving credits to the original author is important if you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism.

You can use online plagiarism checker tools to get details of the reference sources if you haven’t kept track of them in the first place. 

  • Rephrase instead of copying directly 

If you are inspired by the ideas or content published on another website, then the best way to use it is by rephrasing the content in your own words.

You must know that paraphrasing is a very helpful technique that can help you get rid of the accusation of plagiarism. You can paraphrase content yourself, or you can also use the online content spinner tools.

Rewriting content is no doubt a reliable practice, but you must know that you still have to cite and add a reference to the original post if you want to ensure originality.

Using the paraphrasing technique and tools is also going to help you remove unintentional plagiarism from your content!

  • Place a copyright notice

If you have created 100% unique content based on creative ideas and unique facts, then we would suggest you place a copyright notice at the bottom of the post or webpage on which you are posting content.

The copyright notice works as a scarecrow for people who are looking to steal unique content from multiple sites. Also, know that once you register with copyrights, you don’t have to worry about taking legal action against plagiarizers. 

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In this post, we have discussed some of the unique and effective ways that can help you keep your content original. Today plagiarism exists in multiple forms, and this is why it is getting more common every turning day.

If you want to protect yourself from plagiarizers and from the accusation of plagiarism, then we would suggest you bookmark a reputable plagiarism checker on your browser!


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