How to Check Text for Plagiarism Using Online Software?


Given the development of website resources, originality has become very accurate. Despite the fact that there are so many websites that provide information about different topics, that could be a complete lack of programs defining the authorship of the information. This is quite a critical problem and there is a very good solution for it. Online plagiarism tools. By using an online plagiarism tool, you can scan your article pieces of writing in order to determine whether they’ve been copied elsewhere.

How to Check Text for Plagiarism Using Online Software?

The first thing you should do is find out how these plagiarism software checkers work. You should know that plagiarism detection software scans only paragraphs, short pieces or some excerpts. What plagiarism detectors do they search for similar Ones by comparing you are documenting with others on the internet.

All online plagiarism detection software use search engines search for copied materials. They analyze the text and break it into small parts then make the search. Once they find identical information on the internet, then the article appears as plagiarized.

How Online Plagiarism Software Works?

Once you login into an online plagiarism software, the first thing you have to do is paste your article on the available slot. Once you hit the search button, it will identify the text elements can you file, the break it into logical relevant sentences or phrases.

Once that is done, it’s checked for similarities then compared the text to shingle algorithms. It uses different search engines to gauge similarities then displays any plagiarized percentage and a detailed report where the information was found.

What Plagiarism Percentage is Allowed?

Just like everything else, plagiarism detection tools also have the drawbacks and sometimes they may not be 100% accurate. For this reason, you will find that in most cases the plagiarism reports do not necessarily influence the editor’s decision rejecting the article.

However, the percentage of the plagiarized part matters a lot. In general, you will find that most people accept 5 to 7 percent of plagiarism considering any quotations or reference that could have been cited by other people.

What Percentage is Considered Plagiarism?

Once the plagiarism software scans your text, the results are usually highlighted in green or red colors. This red color shows the text that has been plagiarized and has been published on different websites. If you still want to use that text you have to modify it and make it authentic.

The plagiarism software gives you the links to the websites that have similar text and you can go through them to make your revisions. However, anything above 7% is not acceptable to most people. This is due to the fact that plagiarism is a crime and a website can sue another for copying its information.


Now you know how to use online plagiarism software. it is very important that you don’t use plagiarized content as it is not acceptable. Content could be anything from writing to videos and audios, so regardless of what you’re using never plagiarize anything.



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