The 5 Best Free Web Page Maker Softwares


Do you own a business or planning for a startup and you don’t have a website yet? You should really consider of having a website. In olden days if we want anything we ask suggestions from anyone who knows well. This is the 21st-century era of the internet. To know about anything most probably we use google or any other search engine which will reduce our effort of going on roads.

Here are some pros of owning a website:

  • Your client can get more information about your business or anything you own.
  • One can retrieve your contact details from the internet very easily.
  • You can promote your business or anything you own very easily.

Well, I understood what you think. Your business is very small and you cannot afford to hire a Web developer and spending money on him? Wait, I’m here for you.

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What if I say making websites is as easy as eating a piece of cake. Well, here are the 5 best free web page maker software. Yes, these are the 5 best free web page maker software available on the internet by which you can make websites without knowing how to code. In this guide, we will tell you the things you need to know and start building your own website.

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Free Web Page

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Here is the list of the 5 best free web page maker software

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Weebly
  4. Jimdo
  5. Im Creator


This is the most popular web page builder over the internet. Most probably you have heard of this WordPress. It is a simple and most powerful tool to create web pages very easily.

It is not a drag and drop site builder you need to choose pre-built themes and edit them. They’ve got a wide variety of free and premium themes which are very nice and modern.

WordPress is very ideal for blogging and any other sites.there are tons of 3rd party plugins available for free as well.

It also allows users to edit HTML and CSS files for the people who knows coding. It is the most powerful and open source web page editor you can also host this software on any other hosting services.

They also offer a great customer support and there is also lot more forums for users on Reddit. 

There is also an IOS and Android app which lets you manage your content, view stats, moderate comments etc.

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It is one of the best free web page maker software. It can build very beautiful and interactive websites. It has over 510 beautiful and professional templates which you can use by drag and drop web page builder. It also had comprehensive email and telephone support and help for its users. 

Wix also comes with design and industry specified tools such as

  • small business
  • photography
  • designers
  • restaurants
  • hospitality
  • musicians

Wix also had artificial intelligence which can build a website for you. They call it ADI (Artificial design intelligence).

If you used the Wix properly you can create beautiful websites with an ease.

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It is the easiest drag and drop website maker software for beginners. Their website templates are very professional and mobile responsive. They also had an option to access HTML and CSS files customize your website as per your liking.

Their pre-designed layouts help you very much to get started many popular templates include about, services, contact and portfolio pages directly.

Weebly is a very user-friendly website which allows users to design good looking websites without writing any code and just by using your mouse.

Weebly is one of the easiest builders you can build websites without any technical knowledge.there is no time limit for their free services.

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Jimdo is also a free web page builder. It is very easy to use. It mainly focuses on is  E-commerce oriented website builder if you own a small business then you should consider Jimdo.

Though Jimdo is not purely a drag and drop web page maker it offers users to edit images, paragraphs, text etc.

Jimdo is a german website. Their website supports over 9 international languages. It is truly an international web page maker. Over 15 million websites are powered by Jimdo.

This website also offers to edit HTML and CSS files for the people who knows coding as well.

They also offer a good customer service and they also had good community forums where people can discuss their work.

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Im Creator:

Im creator is also a drag and drop web page maker. It offers you stylish templates with pre-populated content. Just you need to swap your content with that. However,  it doesn’t offer you e-commerce facilities.

If you wanna create a beautiful and image rich website then this is for you. you can create a beautiful website in very less time using this.

This works well for business, photography, hotels, restaurants etc.

This web page maker doesn’t allow advanced features but you should consider testing this if you want beautiful and professional looking website.

They also offer a decent customer support. They follow token system for the customer’s service with 12 hours response time.

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Well, these are the 5 best free web page maker software on the internet. Try out yourself and find out which suits best for your needs.

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