Top 10 Websites To Watch Animations/Cartoons online


Like music and movie lovers, there are many of us who love to watch cartoons. This kind of people will sit in front of the TV for the whole day to watch their favorite cartoon shows. Tom and Jerry, The Simpsons, POPEYE the sailor man, SWAT Kats, Pokémon, Ben 10 are some of the notable cartoon series which are famous among cartoon lovers. In the course of time, cartoons got evolved from hand drawing to animated movies and the cartoon companies are introducing different unique characters into the story which makes cartoons more popular among the viewers. Are you the one who missed your favorite cartoon show just because of some important work? Don’t know what to do to watch that missed show? Don’t worry!!! There are two ways using which you can watch your favorite cartoon show: either you download that show from the internet or by just watching it online in some cartoon website. If you don’t like to wait for watching your show, then you can prefer to watch it in websites.

Cartoon Network

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Don’t know where to watch? Don’t worry!!! The following are the TOP 10 websites where you can watch your cartoons online:

  1. YouTube is a video sharing website where you can find videos of all type and cartoons are also available which are uploaded by the show’s official company or by some users. Here you can like, comment and share your favorite videos with different social media sites.
  2. Vimeo is also a video sharing website where you can find cartoon videos of different categories. You can upload, view, like, comment and share the videos by using free account or by going premium.
  3. Disney video is a site to watch your favorite Disney cartoon shows in high-definition video formats. You can even download your cartoons from this site by becoming a premium user of Disney video.
  4. Mickey Disney is the site to watch your Mickey Mouse character shows by Disney. If you are a Mickey Mouse lover, then this is the best site for you. You can even go premium by paying some initial costs which adds you some additional videos.
  5. Comedy Central is the best site to watch the full episodes of cartoons. The videos in this site is free that means you don’t need to subscribe or any other related thing.
  6. Nicktoons is the perfect place for watching cartoon videos. This site is the best where we can find more number of cartoons for kids. This is a part of
  7. Super cartoons has a large collection of cartoon videos. You can easily search for a cartoon in this site through various sorted links like series, characters, studios etc. This makes the searching of cartoons in this site as an easy process. Scooby Doo, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny are some of the cartoons which are famous in this site.
  8. Anime Center is the right place for you if you are an anime fan. This site has some huge collection of anime cartoons. You can even find anime in different dubbed languages and subtitle for every videos that you watch. This site is updated even with the upcoming latest anime promo videos.
  9. Newgrounds is another best site to watch cartoon videos for free. You can even find anime here. This site also has some collection of games, music etc.
  10. Cartoon Movies HQ has some huge collection of cartoon videos and movies. You can find the cartoons listed as genre sorted in the homepage of this site and this helps us to choose our cartoon easily.

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Cartoon Network

The above-mentioned websites are some of the best for watching cartoon videos and anime. You can watch the videos on this website for free and even download your favorite videos using some video downloader software. Hope you like this best site collection for cartoons. If you feel any other better sites for cartoons, please feel free to tell us.

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