Hosting Multiple Websites with No Footprints


Creating a website is easy today but ranking at the top of the SERPS for that tough keyword is the real deal.


What does hosting Multiple Websites mean?

One of the popular methods is to host multiple websites for ranking purposes. This is called a Private Blog Network and is quite a complex strategy but there are lots of helpful guides. This method can get your website into trouble even if you are slightly careless. The trick is to host the array of sites in such a way that you do not leave a digital footprint. This would ensure that Google doesn’t find that you are hosting multiple domains simply to increase the strength of your backlinks and to improve the traffic of your money sites.

Before we proceed to understand how to leave no footprints, ensure that you pick quality domains. They need not be very popular ones but understand the various metrics of the domains you choose by using a reliable analytics tool like ahrefs. Why do I stress this? If you don’t stay away from the ones that have a notorious history of spammy links, you are at the risk of deindexing your website from SERPS.

Why use Cloud Hosting?

For most of us that resort to hosting several websites for PBN, Cloud hosting is a dependable choice. This allows you to choose different virtual locations for your servers. You would also be able to pick glitch free, unique C-Class IPs and secure your network.

Besides leaving no traceable footprints for the hosted sites, this method ensures that your website loads faster. You can find several hosting plans that fall within your budget but please make sure that you choose reputed Cloud service providers like AWS, Digital Ocean, etc.

Precautions to be taken while Hosting Multiple Websites:

  • Keep them all different from each other

Knowingly or unknowingly if two or more websites in your hosted private network resemble each other, you are in trouble. There are many minute details that you shouldn’t miss to notice. Keep the overall structure as well as the tone and the type of content different on each website. This should be a continuous process. Every time you make a change on one of the websites make sure that you avoid all types of similarities like similar site structure, duplicate or spun content, same author names, etc.

  • Content Delivery Network

Most businesses use Content Delivery Networks for various applications. Masking the IPs of your hosted sites is one such application. This can help your IP get lost in a larger pool and therefore reduce the chances of crawlers identifying your connected network of sites. This method involves hosting the site on multiple IPs instead of one static IP. This would reduce the chances of Google finding all the links that link back to your money site. You can use many CDN providers like Cloudflare, Rackspace, etc.

  • Make use of common web hosting solutions

Among the other options, one that is relatively expensive is to use common web hosting. You may opt for this strategy if you are ready to handle the slightly more complicated process of managing multiple websites at multiple hosting servers as you will be hosting no more than one website per host. This would increase your time in managing the sites but will help you avoid the footprints in a big way. You can also take a look at the best reseller hosting plans and see if this is something that you are interested in.


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