Top 5 Apps to Spy on Snapchat [Updated for 2021]


Almost everyone uses the internet these days, and as time passes, we’re becoming dependent on it. Our lifestyles depend on the web for everything, including shopping, learning, booking tickets, etc. 

Most importantly, the internet allows us to connect with our loved ones, even those who’re far away. Snapchat is among the most famous social media networks and can be found on every kid’s phone. 

It’s popular among young adults and teens for its auto-delete capabilities. The Snapchat app automatically deletes chat messages periodically. And it offers a fantastic set of photo and video editing features. 

While that makes a neat feature of Snapchat, it makes it hard to find out why your son spends too much of his time snapping. Even when you reach their device, you’ll find all messages already deleted. 

Top 5 Apps to Spy on Snapchat Updated for 2021

To provide a workaround to the problem, we present an updated list of the top five apps to view your son’s Snapchat Data in 2021. 

Part 1: How to View Your Son’s Snapchat Activity on iPhone

A quick search for the best Snapchat monitoring tool on the web will give you various options. However, not all those applications are genuine since some may hack your data or blackmail you.

Here is the best app to monitor your kids Snapchat:

Neatspy – Powers Through the Secret Walls of Snapchat

Neatspy is a top-rated phone monitoring software used by millions globally. It’s a leader in the phone tracking industry with a reputation to match. As a result, renowned media channels like Tech Radar, Digital Trends, Mac World, etc., speak positively about the program. 


The majority of Neatspy’s users enjoy its set of extensive features and web-based operations. It can give 24/7 access to your son’s Snapchat data, which you can view from any place through your smartphone.

You only need to have an e-device connected to the internet to register for a Neatspy online account and subscribe to a suitable plan. The software doesn’t need any programming or coding techniques to use. Click this link for more information about Neatspy. 

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How Does Neatspy Give Access to Snapchat Data in iPhones Without Experience?

First, the iOS version of Neatspy is straightforward, and anyone can use it. It’s wholly based on the internet, and you don’t need ever to touch your son’s iPhone to function. Neither does it require an app or jailbreak to the device.  

With only your son’s iCloud credentials, Neatspy will give you more than just his Snapchat data. It uses the iCloud backup account to retrieve useful information from the iPhone automatically. 

The following is what you can view on your son’s Snapchat from your Neatspy dashboard:

Go through Snapchat chats to read all sent out and received messages.

See contact information to know the phone number and save names.

Get timestamps to analyze conversations and know when they started, how long they took, and what time they stopped.  

Watch videos and view photos shared through Snapchat.

Other iPhone activities you can track with Neatspy include SMS, call logs, GPS location, and social media apps. Just like the app does with Snapchat, it discloses everything that happens on your son’s phone to know what they are hiding from you.

Why Should You Pick Neatspy Solution?  

When using Neatspy, you’ll enjoy the below benefits:

Easy Setup 

The entire process of Neatspy to see your kid’s Snapchat activities takes a few minutes to set up. After your account is running, you will see your son’s phone activities instantly. It lets you keep tabs on what they’re planning in their life.

Client-friendly Interface 

Neatspy has a simplified UI which you can use without any issues. It’s structured and designed for those novice customers. All its features are present on the online dashboard, and anyone can use it without acquiring technical skill. 

Stealth Operation

When it comes to spying, nothing beats the Neatspy solution in terms of stealth. The program gives you full control over your kid’s iPhone without them knowing. It doesn’t ask for an app installation and works remotely without you physically accessing the kid’s iPhone.

No Device Alterations

You don’t have to jailbreak or unlock your child’s smartphone to use the Neatspy software. If you do that, it compromises the iPhone’s security and voids the device’s warranty. That means the kid’s device won’t be vulnerable to malware attacks. 

Here’re other applications that work almost the same as Neatspy:

Part 2: Spyic

The next reliable phone monitoring application to check out is the Spyic solution. It’s among the most potent tools to fetch someone’s Snapchat data in real-time. Besides showing you messages, it gives you the senders info to find out who they are. 


Part 3: Spyine

Apart from the two already mentioned solutions, Spyine is trustworthy and reliable. It gives you remote access to your son’s phone activities, including browser history, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, etc. 


Part 4: Spyier

Spyier is another popular parental control software. Everyone using it swears by its futuristic technology to operate 100% discreetly. Your son will never find out that you’re monitoring their phone activities. 


Part 5: FoneMonitor 

When it comes to data privacy, FoneMonitor remains to be the king. It doesn’t offer anyone access to your info, share or cache it on its servers. That means nobody can see the data once you’ve logged out of your account.


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We hope our selection of the top five apps to monitor Snapchat on iPhone comes in handy. All services above are work correctly and effectively. You can check out the Neatspy solution free live demo to feel its magic.  


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