10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps You Can’t-Miss (FREE)


When you want to check the activities of someone, one of the best ways to do that is to hack their WhatsApp and check their messages.

You don’t have to be a hacker now to do that. There are many apps available that can help you spy on iPhone messages online

10 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps You Cant Miss FREE



MinSpy is one of the most popular spy apps. It can be used to monitor all the different kinds of social media messages. You won’t need to jailbreak the iPhone to spy on them. You can install the app remotely on the phone if you know the iCloud credential of the iPhone. 

MinSpy also lets you track the location, check all messages, images, videos, and other contacts of the iPhone. It is a very trusted app and the data of the user would be secured and only be accessed by you. 



Spyier can be used to spy on both android and IOS. It has a very well-designed interface that anyone can use. You won’t need to have the technical knowledge to be able to use the interface. 

You can check all the WhatsApp messages of the person you are spying on using Spyier. It allows you to check other social media messages as well. It comes with a free live demo that would help you know about the user interface and enhance your sleuthing experience. 



Spyine is also a very good choice when it comes to spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages without getting detected. You can use Spyine on iPhone and iPads which have an IOS7 or higher version. Spyine provides you more than 12 unique features that can help you spy on every activity of the person.

You can check all the messages that the is being sent and received on the iPhone that you hacked using Spyine. Since Spyine is a very reputable app, you won’t have to worry about data safety. Only you would be able to access the data on the iPhone you are spying on. 


Spying on someone’s iPhone can seem hard, but an app like Spyic can get the job done very easily. You can create a free user account on the official website of Spyic and check all the amazing features available with Spyic. 

You will be impressed by how easy it is to use. It is a very good undetectable spy app for checking the WhatsApp messages of someone. The person being spied on won’t have the faintest clue that his online activities are being tracked. 

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Spying can be fun if you have the right gadget and one of the best tools you can have for this is NeatSpy. Trusted by millions of users who downloaded NeatSpy from both Appstore and Playstore love this app. What makes NeatSpy so loveable is the amazing and unique features that it provides to the users. 

With the help of NeatSpy, you can spy on the iPhone or the iPad of any person without actually requiring their phone. You would just need their iCloud credentials to get access to their iPhone mobile. You can check their WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and other different messages from the dashboard of NeatSpy that you can access from any computer or laptop. 


The most important feature that a spy app must have is that it should not be detected. TeenSafe is a spy app that would never get you caught. It consists of only a few megabytes and it runs in the background hardly using any resources. 

TeenSafe can be used to monitor the WhatsApp activities of someone you are suspicious about. It is trusted by users all over the world. It has multiple spy features that would make you feel like a super spy without the need of knowing anything technical.  


As the name implies it is a very safe spy app to use to keep tabs on the activity of someone. The person being monitored would have no clue. It would provide you amazing tools that you can use to check a lot of activities of the iPhone user including their WhatsApp messages.

SafeSpy doesn’t require you to use the initial jailbreak. It can be used to also track the location of the person you are spying on. It is very efficient and would make you feel like an expert spy without having to do much of the heavy lifting. 


Spyzie is one of the Whatsapp spy apps that definitely deserves a spot on this list. It is easy to use, flexible, and you can remotely access the iPhone of the user without giving him the slightest clue. Spyzie is one of the best choices for you if you are looking for something simple and elegant. 

With Spyzie you would get loads of features that would allow you to check almost all the important data in the person’s phone. You would have access to the images, videos, locations, calls, contacts, and all social media messages. It is a complete solution for any newbie spy. 


You can use FoneMonitor to spy on any iPhone or iPad device that uses the IOS7 version or higher. You can also use the same spy app to monitor people using android phones as well. It has very good ratings at both Playstore and Appstore. 

FoneMonitor is a good choice for you if you are new to spy, you have zero technical knowledge, and if you want advanced features to give you more control. It would make you feel like a pro. Since the app is very trusted you won’t have to worry about data protection as only you would have access to it.



CocoSpy is a name that we certainly didn’t want to miss on our list. It would make the whole spying business very easy for you. It gives you the option to use only one spy app to monitor both Android and iPhone users.

If you are looking for a WhatsApp spy app, CocoSpy is certainly a very good choice. The user interface is amazing and you can find your way around it easily. It is the best tool for a spy with no experience. 

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If you are someone who needs to spy on your spouse, your partner, your employee or someone you can’t trust then spy apps are your answer. It is easy to use them to keep an eye on the person and make sure that they are not cheating you. The perfect spy apps can make your life very easy. 


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