Common Programming Languages in Popular Video Games


If you, as a video game developer, want to use your Python or programming skills for some type of multiplayer game mode, such as Call of Duty, just the guns alone are going to need large datasets. As games get bigger and more complex, the skills needed to get them running properly become more diverse.

That is because a lot of information needs to be stored and processed regarding what many consider to be some of the best guns in Modern Warfare: loadout, recoil, fire rate, barrel, ammo, round magazine, stock attachment, commando foregrip, versatility, close-quarters capabilities, longer-range capabilities, sniper capabilities and capacity for headshots, how much damage the weapon does, recent NERFs, and more all need to be stored and processed.

Common Programming Languages in Popular Video Games

Of course, other games have to do similar things as well.

The Languages Behind the Data

When dealing with large datasets for complicated games related to modern warfare, like Call of Duty and Black Ops Cold War, linear regression will not suffice. That is because the Call of Duty Warzone has a lot of pixels and a lot of data within the data frame.

This presents a classification problem if you use a linear regression model. That is because you need to calculate the possible outcomes of gunfights between the many Warzone players using the battle pass.

In order to calculate so many possible outcomes, you need to run each data point through a Sigmoid function and that can only be done with a logistic regression model. That is the case for logistic regression in Python.

Other useful programming languages for video games include CSS, C++, C#, SQL, Java, and JavaScript. Many would consider C++ and C# to be the best alternatives to Python, especially for resource-intensive games.

However, when dealing with complex nature of calculating the possible outcomes in a gunfight in Warzone, a logistic regression model using Python is still the best option because of the need for creating an S-curve with a Sigmoid function.

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The Data Behind the Best Guns of Modern Warfare

When you look at shooter games like Call of Duty, the players have an assortment of guns to choose from when they step into the warzone: assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs, shotguns, marksman rifles, and sniper rifles.

Some could argue that this assortment boasts some of the best guns in the video game world.

Among the assault rifles you can choose from the AK-47, the M4A1 or the M4 A4, the Kilo 141, the FN Scar 17, the Oden, the M13, the F 5.56, and the FAL. The best assault rifle varies depending on priorities, punch, long-range, etc., but most would prefer the AK-47 or the M4A1, as most people would in the real world.

The M4, however, a descendant of the classic M16, is a better long-range weapon than the AK-47. Even if the AK-47 has more power with its 7.62mm rounds, it does not have a low recoil but a high recoil instead.

For players that prefer to use an SMG (submachine gun) at close range in the warzone, options include the MP5 and MP7, the P90, the PPBizon, the Uzi, and the Aug. Just as in the real world, the MP-5 is the best for accuracy, although the Uzi has a high fire rate.

For high damage, LMGs (light machine guns) are the way to go: PKM, M91, MG34, and L87. The PKM and M91 are considered the best guns in terms of rate of fire and long-range capacity and stability, aka low recoil.

For high damage of a different nature, shotguns might be desired: 725, Model 680, Origin 12, and R9-0. The 725 and Model 680 are the best guns in the shotgun category, despite the NERFs that have made the 725 more of a mid-range and close-range weapon.

For marksman rifles, there are only three options: the MK2 Carbine, Kar98K and EBR-14. The best feature of the Kar98K is that it can be upgraded to a sniper rifle for work at long distances.

For those for whom work at long distances is a priority, sniper rifles are, of course, the best weapon.

Like the marksman rifles, there are also three options: the AX-50, HDR, and Dragunov. As far as sniper rifles go, the AX-50 has a high rate of fire and the high damage that we would expect from a 50-caliber weapon. That is why the AX-50 is a great weapon in the right hands.

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The Bottom Line

If you want to learn a computer language for video games, especially ones that deal with modern warfare in a multiplayer game mode, there a few best choices: CSS, C++, C#, SQL, Java, and JavaScript.

For calculating the possible outcomes of gunfights, Python is the best because of its use of logistic regression. For resource-intensive games, C++ and C# might be better choices.


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