Top 6 Popular Puzzles Mobile Games in India


The mobile gaming world is looking forward to the game developers based in India and waiting for more marvelous creations to come along. India has grabbed an excellent position in developing puzzle games; the Indian developers are showing immense progress.

These puzzle games seek popularity across the continents as the interfaces are pretty engaging, offering challenges to the players.

You can play different puzzles games every day and keep your cognitive functioning at the topmost level. These games are not only engaging, but help players boost their mental strength and bust stress.

The colorful and interactive interfaces help players engage and think to solve the puzzles and proceed to the next level.

Top 6 Puzzles Mobile Games Popular in India

In this context, let us find out which puzzles gaming apps are taking the world of online gaming by storm. Play these games to sharpen your brain and escalate your analytical skills.  

Best puzzle gaming apps of the Indian origin

1. Sudoku King

Nothing teases your brain better than Sudoku! This exceptional puzzle game has a 9-squares set on each other so that it forms a big square. Each square is then divided into nine smaller squares to create small empty blocks. 

It means that there are nine smaller square units in each small square block where the number 1 to 9 will be set so that no number is repeated in the small square.

These nine smaller squares form horizontal and vertical lines comprising three bigger blocks. If you look in this way, you will find that all the vertical and horizontal lines are smaller nine blocks.

The player will have to focus on arranging numbers from 1 to 9 in these lines and the small squares so that no number is repeated. 

There are different levels of difficulties a player will find to challenge himself. The beginner’s level is easier to learn to play and can proceed to the following levels accordingly.

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2. Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a unique and engaging puzzle mobile game online that users find quite refreshing to play. You can play bubble shooter online easily from your mobile. Popping bubbles is quite soothing and stress-busting for the players. Colorful bubbles appearing in different formats can be shot down by using a bubble shooter.

The bubbles appearing on the top of the screen can only be popped when the color of bubbles coming out of the shooting gun matches.

The more a player destroys bubbles with his gun, the higher the scores. He will continue shooting bubbles until the bubbles touch the shooter at the bottom or the allocated time ends.

The players will get excellent power-up bubbles such as fireball, bomb, and wild-bubble to destroy more bubbles at a time. It sounds pretty fascinating to play such games without stressing on RAM and storage of your smartphone. 

3. Candy Crush

A beautiful interface with colorful candies appearing on-screen gives satisfaction when you arrange and burst them. This game is one of the most popular games in India and across the world. Gamers are hooked to the critical levels.

They use power-ups, combo moves, and other features incorporated into the interface to burst candies and to meet challenges.

The levels become more challenging when you introduce new features and combo moves, making playing more enjoyable. It has thousands of levels to play and does not even need a high-quality smartphone to run smoothly.

4. Happy Glass

Happy Glass is a unique game creating a different genre. It has puzzles in the form of a sad, empty glass.

All you will have to do is fill it with water venting from a source by drawing lines. It is related to the basic rules of gravity and water flow.

Your creativity will be challenged at complex levels. It has a very short learning curve and can be installed in simpler smartphones too.

This puzzle game is designed to challenge players intellectually and make them think out of the box. You will get rewards when you finish the levels with flying colors.

5. Minesweeper

Remember the good old days when the primitive PCs had Minesweeper in it as an inbuilt game! Minesweeper was a challenge for the old kids back then. This game has been developed and introduced with new interfaces, challenges, and gaming modes.

Players can use different features of this game to find all the mines or to escape from a minefield without getting destroyed.

This game also provides clues to observe and avoid stepping on mines. The minefield is set in the form of tiled rows and columns. Follow the clues and cross the minefields unharmed to pass the level.

6. Two Dots

Another marvel in the world of mobile gaming, Two Dots, is based on joining same-colored dots on screen using your fingers. This is a straightforward game but very engaging.

Players will have to use their intellect to join the dots color-wise without crossing colored paths. There are more than 1500 levels to enjoy the different features included in the interfaces.

The more you proceed with the levels, new interactive features get revealed. Make combos and avail of power-ups to cross the levels.

This game is a perfect pastime for those who want to break the monotony and relax. Cross levels and earn experience. This game seeks very little space on your phone and can be easily played.

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These are the six best puzzle games popular in India to play and tease your brain. These games are designed to break your monotony and give you the highest thrill and satisfaction. You will get well-defined versions of this game suitable for your smartphone.

Why wait then? Download and start playing these mobile games and share the fun with your peers. Together, enjoy these interactive interfaces and cross the levels to bond.

Choose your favorite genre, start looking for more games online, and sharpen your brain’s cognitive functions every day.   


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