The Best Guide to Tracking the Precise Location of Someone


Did you notice that it was deemed a difficult task back in the day to track someone’s position? We are happy that now it is no longer applicable. “It can detect someone’s position at present and have responses to questions such as “how and when to locate someone’s location using their mobile phone number.

We now have many easy ways, thanks to the advances of innovation, that can enable us to monitor someone’s position and recognize their surroundings. We’re going to talk about some helpful and simple ways to find the location of someone in this article.

Believe it or not, when you feel the need to monitor someone’s position, there may be different circumstances. For example, after school, your child has not reached home and you need to establish contact with them, but for some reason, you can not make it happen. As you want to monitor where they are, this is a time of emergency.

If at such a period you are unable to contact them, then you sense the necessity for some technologies that can enable you to find their locations, supplying you with detailed information about their present location. 

1. Finding Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number

Getting their cell phone number is one of the easiest places to obtain somebody’s address. You should first recognize their cell phone number in an attempt to discover somebody’s position. Think a majority of the work is done when you know the number.

A method that uses the SS7 Connectivity system for the contact between the transmitter and the transistor unit is to identify someone’s location by cell phone number. This approach does have a successful outcome, but it can raise the question of vulnerability.

In this approach, the protection of the third party is likely to be revealed. Therefore, if you are not prepared for that to happen, you should not use this technique to find the location of others.

2. Finding Someone’s Location Via Social Media

If you think like not revealing a foreign power to your protection, we will recommend that you use another process to discover the position of someone. Through social media sites, some ways to track someone’s position is.

On social media websites such as Facebook and Google, you can also locate someone’s location by simply placing their cell phone number in the search function. Any account associated with the number will keep popping up when you enter their cell phone number, and you will locate the user.

You can attach them and find details about their latest locations on your profile. Citizens most of the time put up their laws, telling everyone about locations they have visited. If their number is not connected to any Facebook or Google account, this indicates that their number has not been added to the site by your target.

3. Finding Someone’s Location with Tracking Apps

Although by utilizing a cell phone number or via their social media accounts, you can identify someone’s location, there is another useful solution to assist you to monitor their location.

We are thinking about programs or applications for cell phone monitoring. A tracking app like Spyic for mobile phones helps you to find anything more about others, giving you precise details about their present location and history.



You will have to download the Spyic from the website and have it installed on the target’s mobile phone to track someone’s location using a cell phone tracking app. As soon as it gets deployed on their cell phone, Spyic will start sending you timely notifications of their position on your online dashboard. Read more here to get familiar with Spyic & start tracking the location.

Track Cell Phone Location

This application will monitor all the locations the aim visits carefully and provide you with the position, sending timely updates to your online dashboard from where you can view their location remotely at any time and from anywhere. How to monitor the location of a mobile phone without them knowing.

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Methods Track Someone’s Location

1. Phone Locator Tools and Applications

The best approach is to use your computer’s monitoring program or install an application for your mobile devices. It is not only open and easy, but some of these resources are free as well.

2. Use The Built-in IMEI Tracker

IMEI Tracker is anything that anyone can do that is fuss-free and easy. International Mobile Station Equipment Identification stands for IMEI. And you can do wonders with its special 15-digit number. And one of them is to locate a phone that has been lost or stolen. 

How to Pinpoint Your IMEI?

  1. Go to Configuration 
  2. Tap General then About About 
  3. To view your IMEI and write it down, scroll down.

3. Caller ID Name (CNAM) Look Up

Using software on the web is another helpful tool for determining someone’s location through a cell phone number. It makes it easy for you to determine the location of a caller.

Not only that, but it also shows all the vital details, including the name of the owner, the exact city, and the individual’s statements. The drawback, though, is that you have to pay a small fee before accessing the data.

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If you have valid reasons to monitor someone’s location, but a shortage of methods to do so, ideally this guide will work for you to provide 4 solutions to track real-time locations. We suggest giving you a shot to track someone lightly. For multi-functions, go and get Spyic.


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